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Porai udamai-Sixteenth chapter of Thirukkural -Having patience or nature to pardon.

Porai udamai-Sixteenth chapter  of Thirukkural
(Having patience  or nature to pardon)

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(Now  Valluvar  moves from the  behavior that should be avoided  to the behavior we should have –Patience  and the nature  of Pardoning. He says that just like  the earth, we should  pardon those  who trouble us also .I wish  that we who live in these times when revenge is the fashion , should read  this chapter  again and again.)

1.Akazhvaarai thangum nilam pol , THammai  ,
Igazhvar  poruthal  thalai

1.Just  as the earth   carries a person  who digs it,
It is our duty   to pardon those who   slander  us.

2.POruthal  irappinai  yendrum  athanai ,
Marathal   athaninum   nandru.

2.Pardon those  who cause sorrow  to us,
Much better would be to forget it  immediately.

3.Inmayul inmai  viruntharal  vanmayul ,
Vanmai madavar  porai.

3. Worse than poverty is  inability  to treat guests properly,
And like  that greatness in strength  is  ability,
To pardon those   who have caused  harm to us.

4.Nirayuamai  neengamai  vendin   porayudamai  ,
POthi  ozhukappadum.
4.If  we  want good qualities in  full to stay with us,
Then we have   to  carefully protect  patience in them .

5,Oruthaarai  ondraka   vaiyaare  vaippar,
POrutharai  pon pol pothinthu.

5.The world does not bother about  those  who punish those who trouble them,
But    consider   those  who pardon  those  cause  such  troubles ,  as equal to Gold.

6.Orutharkku   oru nalai   inbam  porutharkkum,
Pondrum   thunayum pugazh,

6.Those who punish  get pleasure for a day  but the fame,
Of those   who pardon will exist as long as world exists.

7.THiran  alla  than pirar   cheyyinum  nononthu ,
ARan alla cheyyamai nandru.

7.Suppose some one does unsuitable acts  , instead of  becoming sad,
We  should not  take an action which is   against Dharma , against them.

8.Mikuthian  mikkavai  cheitharai  thamtham,
THakuthian   vendru vidal.

8.We should   win over those   who do excess bad acts ,
Against us, by our  nature   of  pardoning  others.

9,Thurantharin thooymai  udayar  , irantharvai,
Innacheyar   norkirpavar.

9.Those householders  who can pardon  bad words,
Are as pure  as those who have left attachments.

10,Unnathu norppar  periyar  , pirarchollum,
Innachol  norparrir  pin.

10.Those who do penance of not eating    are indeed great,
But those who do penance of pardoning bad words o f others are  greater,

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priya ram said...

Sir these words are so inspiring. Very difficult to practise but it is the only way to greatness. Thanks sir for translating these gems. Wish to strive to practise these words of wisdom.