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Vekkamai-Eighteenth chapter of Thirukkural -not stealing material of others.

Vekkamai-Eighteenth   chapter  of Thirukkural
(not stealing material  of others)

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(In this chapter  Valluvar   emphasizes the need for  us to desist   stealing   materials belonging    to others.)

1,Naduvindri  nan porul  vekki  kudi  pondrik ,
Kuthamum   aange   tharum.

1.Without  impartiality   , if one steals wealth earned by  fair means  ,
Not only his family  would be destroyed  but evil would come to him.

2,Padu payan vekki  pazhi paduva  cheyyar,
Naduvanmai   nanupavar.

2,Those who are  scared  to do  acts    which   are  not impartial,
Would  get ashamed   and would not   steal the property of  others.

3.Chithinbam vekki   aranalla  cheyyare  ,
Mathinbam   vendupavar.

3.Those who desire   to get  the great pleasure  which can never get destroyed,
Would not  do acts against dharma   desiring for    small pleasures.

4.Yilam yendru   vekkuthal  cheyyar   pulam vendra  ,
Punmayil  katchiyavar  .

4.Those  people  with faultless  wisdom , who have  won over,
Their five senses, would steal  from others because  they do not have it.

5.Akki   akandrra  arivu yennam yaar maattum,
Vekki  veriya   cheyin.

5.What  is the  use  of broad sharp  intellect   , if they,
With a view   to steal   from any type  of  people.

6.Arul vekki  aathin kan  nindraan   porul vekki  ,
Pollatha   choozha   kedum.

6.Those   who desire  for properties  of others and do acts ,
Against  their  wisdom  , would lose  the dharma  of   grace.

7.Vendarkka  vekkiyaam   aakkam  , vilaivayin ,
Mandarku   arithaam  payan.

7.Do not  desire   for income  out  of   stealing, for,
Such wealth would not give  us any greatness.

8.Akkamai chelvathukku yaathenin  , vekkamai,
Vendum  piran kai porul.

8.The  method of  growth of one’s wealth   , is
Not to  desire for stealing property of others.

9.Aranainthu  vekka  arivudayar   cherum,
Thiran arinthu aange   thiru.

9.Goddess  Lakshmi   would   approach  those  wise people  who do not steal   after  .
Knowing   the path of Dharma, knowing   their greatness.

10.Yiral eenum  yennathu   vekkin  , viral eenum,
Vendamai   yennum cherukku  .

10 If we steal without understanding  the   future results, it would ,
Lead to our downfall and  life  without such desire would lead us to victory.

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