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Arivudamai-43rd chapter of Thirukkural- (Possessing wisdom)

.Arivudamai-43rd  chapter of Thirukkural-
(Possessing  wisdom)

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    (Again Valluvar emphasizes the need to have wisdom  .In this chapter  he  explains the essential qualities of Wisdom.)

1.Arivu aththam  kaakum  karuvi   cheruvarkkum,
Ullazhikkal   aakaa   aran.

1,Wisdom is a weapon  which protects us against sorrow,
And  it is the inner defense   which cannot be destroyed by enemies.

2,Chendra idathaal  chelavidaathu   theethu ore,
Nandrinpal  uyppathu arivu.

2,Wisdom  is a control   that does not allow  a person  to go  as he likes,
But    steers  his way through the  good path.

3.Yepporul  yaar yaar  vaai ketpinum , apporul  ,
Mei porul kanpathu   arivu.

3.Whatever words that  a person  hears from others,
His wisdom   makes him hear it, examine  its truth and accept  it.

4.Yen porulvaaka  chela cholli  thaan pirar vai  ,
Nun porul  kanpathu arivu.

4.Wisdom consists  of telling  others ,  using words which are  easy to understand,
And  examining the minute essence of what  others tell.

5.Ulakam  tazheeyathu  otpam  malarthalum  ,
Koombalum   illathu    arivu.

5.It is minute  intelligence that makes a person gain friendship of  others,
And wisdom consists of  preventing that friendship  from decreasing or increasing.

6.Yevvathu  uraivathu  ulagam  , ulakathodu  ,
Avvathu uraivathu   arivu.

6. Wisdom consists of understanding  different type  of behaviors of the world,
And  adjust our behavior  according to  that.

 7.Arivudayar  aavathu  arivaar  , arivilaar,
Akthu   ari kallathavar  .

7.Wise people  know   what is going to happen in future,
And the ignorant  ones   do not know that.

8.Anjuvathu anjaamai  pedaimai  , anjuvathu,
Anjal arivaar  thozhil.

8.Not getting  scared  of the scary  things is ignorance,
And   getting scared  of scary things is an act of wisdom.

9.Yethira thakkum   arivinaarkku illai  ,
Athira varuvathor  noi.

9.  Wise people who can  Guess  the sorrows  that  are  going to come,
And can take action to prevent it  will not face any sorrow  that  would make them shiver.

10.Arivudayaar yellam udayaar , arivilaar  ,
Yennudayarenum ilar.

10.Wise people   having  only wisdom  have  every thing ,
But ignorant ones  in spite of having  everything  , do not have   anything.

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