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Therinthu vinayadal-52nd chapter of Thirukural- (Finding a suitable person to do a particular job.

 Therinthu vinayadal-52nd  chapter  of Thirukural-
(Finding  a suitable person  to do a particular  job.)

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( THiruvalluvar   in this chapter emphasizes the need to find a suitable man for  every job, and then completely entrusting   the entire job with only  that person.)

1.Nanmayum theemayum naadi  nalam purintha ,
Thanmayaan   aala padum.

1,After  finding the good and bad aspects   of a job,  we have ,
To entrust the  job to a person  , who wants the  good of the  job.

2.Vaari perukki  valam paduthu  uththavai,
AAraivaan   cheika  vinai.

2.The person   capable  of  bettering  ways  to  increase   income of  wealth,
And increase  prosperity using that   wealth  ,
And  remove   all  the problems  on the way by deep thought ,
Can only   would be able   do a job .

3.Anbarivu theththam   avaavinmai   yinankum,
Nankudayaan   katte   thelivu.

3.The  person   who has great  love , wisdom, clarity  of mind,
And   who is bereft of desires  should be chosen   to do a  particular job.

4.Yenaivakayan   theriya   kannum  vinaivakayaan,
Veraakum  maanthar   palar.

4,Though   we appoint a person to a job after  great research,
We should    not forget that  , the concern person may    change.

5.Arinthaathi cheykirparkku   allaal   vinai than,
Chiranthanendru   evar par athandru.

5.We should not entrust any job to a person  unless ,
He knows the ways to do the job,
And he  can deal successfully with   the problems that  may arise .

6.Cheivaanai naadi  vinai naadi  kalathodu  ,
Yaitha   unanthu  cheyal.

6, After finding out   the capacity   of a person who does the job,
After finding  out  the nature of job being  entrusted  to him,
After knowing whether  it is a suitable time   to do it  ,
You have to entrust   the job to that person.

7.Ithanai  ithanaal   ivan mudikkum   yenraainthu  ,
Athanai avan kan vidal  .

7.After  finding out  that  this job  would be done by this person,
Using this technique  , Leave that  job  to him   to do.

8.Vinaikurimai   nadiya  pinrai   avanai  ,
Atharkuriyanaga    cheyal

8.After   finding out that  this person can do this job,
We should make him in-charge    to  do that job.

9,Vinaikkan  vinayudayaan   kenmai  veraaka  ,
Ninaippanai   neengum thiru.

9.The wealth of that  leader  , who misunderstands  the friendship,
Of that person   who is  sincerely   doing  the job,  would go away from him.

10.Naadorum naaduka  mannan   vinai cheivaan,
Kodaamai   kodaathu  ulagu.

10.Daily   the ruler   should   look after  that worker  ,
Who does   his  duty sincerely  so that  world would live properly.

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