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Avaa aruthal-37th chapter of Thirukural- (Getting rid of desires)

Avaa  aruthal-37th chapter  of Thirukural-
(Getting rid of desires)

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  (Here  THiruvalluvar emphasizes   the  maxim of Vedantha as well as Budha that   desire causes sorrow.We have to remember   that in this case  he  is telling it  to the ascetics.)

1.Ava yenba yella uyirkkum  yenjandrum,
Thavaa appirppinum   vithu.

1.Desire  is  to all beings the seed ,which causes,
The  birth cycle which never  to end  for always.

2.Vendumkal  vendum piravami, maththathu,
Vendamai   venda   varum.

2.If you are  desiring  anything , the  birth cycle would not end
And that  would be possible only in a state  of no desire.

3.Vendamai  anna vizhu chelvam  eendillai  ,
Yaandum  akthoppathu    yil.

3.There is no wealth in the world equal to  “no desire”,
And there is no wealth like that  in any other  worlds also.

4.Thoo uymai   yenpathu   avavinmai  , maththathu,
Vaaymai  venda varum.

4.The state  of purity  is the state of  no desire,
And that state can be got only  by requesting the God.

5Aththavar yenpaar  avaa aththaar, mathayaar ,
Aththaka   aththathu  yilar.

5.Ascetics are those   who have left off their desires,
And  others  who have not given up their desires are  not like them.

6.Anjuvathorum arane oruvanai,
Vanchippathorum   avaa.

6,Desire cheats a person and makes him get caught  ,
In Birth-death cycle and dharma is  in living  ,
Scared of  approaching    desires.

7.Avaavinai   aaththa aruppin   thavaavinai,
Than venfum  aaththaan  varum.

7.If one completely cuts off  all desires, the  sorrowless,
Life   would come  to him as per his desire.

8.Avaa illarkku   illakum  thunbam, akthundel,
THavaathu  men mel   varum.

8. Sorrow  would cease to exist for those  without desire,
And if desire is there  all sorrows  would keep on coming one after another.

9.Inbam idayaraa  theendum   avaa  yennum,
Thunbathul  thunbam  kedin.

9.If the “desire”, the greatest sorrow goes away from a person,
He would see progressive  pleasures  keep on coming.

10.AAraa   iyarkkai  avaa neepin  annilaye ,
Peraa  iyarkkai  tharum.

10.If we are able to leave out desires which never gets fulfilled,
At any time, that  would give pleasures  that never change  over time.

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