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Book II Porutpal-Book on prosperity-Irai Makshi-39th chapter of Thirukural- ((The greatness of the king)

Book  II Porutpal-Book  on prosperity

       Thirukural   has three  books-Arathupal, Porutpal  and Kamathupal   corresponding to Dharma , Artha   and Kama,

Irai Makshi-39th chapter  of Thirukural-
((The greatness  of the king)

   (The   wealth  or prosperity of the citizens would depend on the ruler  ,In the first chapter   of the book of prosperity, it is but natural that Thiruvalluvar   deals about how a great king should be .Please try to read  “King” as “Ruler”   and you would be surprised  how realistic each verse  of the chapter is. When he says  that the ruler should   have  three aspects  of  not sleeping over things , education and   boldness, Would not all of us agree.)

1.Padai kudi choozh   amaichu  natparan  aarum,
Udayan  arasarul  yeru.

1.The greatest  king  is the one  who manages well,
His army  , wealth, people, ministers , friends and his  fort,

2.Anjamai yeegai  , arivookam  , innankum,
Yenjamai vendharkky iyalpu.

2. The four   aspects Fearlessness , charitable nature, wisdom  and enthusiasm ,
Not decreasing  is the desirable nature  of the king.

3.Thoongamai  , kalvi, thunivudamai   yimmondrum,
Neengaa   nilan aalpavarkku.

3,The three aspects  of  not sleeping over things , education and   boldness,
Should   always be  there   along with the   king.

4.Aran izhukkathu  allavai  neeki maran izhukka,
Manam udayathu    arasu,

4.The  person  who does not move away from Dharma, who removes crimes,
And has   valour  which  is great is fit to be called  the king.

5,Iyathalum  , reettalum  , kathalum  , katha,
Vaguthalum   vallathu   arasu.

5. An expert  in Planning and executing methods to earn, saving  ,  protecting ,
The  wealth that is earned and distributing  it  is only  suitable  to be a king.

6,Kakshikku  yeliyan  , kadum  chollam  , allanel,
Meekoorum  mannan  nilam.

6.The world would praise that  king , who is easy to meet ,
And  who does  not talk harsh words.

7.In chollal  eethalikka   vallarkku   than cholaal,
Thaan kanda anithivv ulagu,

7,The world be  as per the  expectation of the king , if he talks ,
Sweet words , gives  what is needed  to those who suffer and protects them.

8.Murai cheithu  kaappathum  mannavan makkatkku,
Irai yendru vaikka padum.

8.A king who is just   and protects   his people,
Would be considered as equal to God  by the world.

9.Chevikaippa cholporukkam paNpudai  vendhan,
Kavikai keezh thangum   ulagu,

9.Ruled by  a cultured  king who can accept  words 
Which are bitter to his ears ,people would live peacefully.

10.Kodayali chengol kudiyombal  nankum  ,
Udayaanaam   vendhar koli.

10.The king  who has the   four qualities  of charitable nature,
Kindness , justice and protecting others , would   provide  light  to  other kings.

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