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Ookkam udamai-60th chapter of Thirukural- (Possesing enthusiasm)

.Ookkam udamai-60th   chapter  of Thirukural-
(Possesing enthusiasm)

Translated by
P.R. Ramachander

 (The great poet twlls us without enthusiasm no    work can be completed .He concludes  that a very big sized elephant with sharp tusks  would be scared of an enthusiastic   tiger.)

1.Udayarenapaduvathu  ookkam  akthilaar ,
Udayathu  udayaro  maththu.

1.having enthusiasm is called as “having it”  and those,
Having  no enthusiasm  , do not have   anything.

2.Ullam udaimai   udaimai , poruludumai  ,
Nillathu  neengi vidum.

2.Possesion is having possession of enthusiasm   in the  mind  ,
As possession  of wealth  is not stable but would go away.

3.AAkkam  izhanthemendru  allaavaar  ookkam,
Oruvantham  kaithudayaar  .

3.Those who have stable   enthusiasm   with them,
Will not be sad   when  they lose their wealth.

4.AAkkam atharvinai  chillum  asaivilaa  ,
OOkkamudayaan  uzhai.

4,Wealth will  find out the way and  attain the person,
Who has the tireless   enthusiasm   with them.

5.Vellathanaya   malar neettam  maanthar tham,
Ullathanayathu  uravu.

5.The height  of the flower stalk of  a flower  growing in water ,
Would be as much as the   depth of the  water,
And like that  the progress of a person would  be equal to his enthusiasm.

6,Ulluvathellam  uyarvullal mathathu,
ThaLLinum     thaLLamai  neerthu.

6.All that we think should about great things and if by fate ,
It becomes not possible, no one  would  find fault   with that  thought.

7.Chithaividathu   olkaar  uravor   puthayampir,
Pattu paadoondrum  kaliru.

7.Like the elephant not losing  its enthusiasm  even if it is wounded by arrows,
And like  that  those  with enthusiasm  ,
Even if they are  not able to achieve their aims, wuld never get tired.

8.Ullam ilathavar  yeithaar  ulagathu,
Valliyam   yennum  cherukku  .

8.Those  rulers   without enthusiasm  would never be  able to claim,
“We   are very charitable.”

9.Pariyathu  koorngottathu  aayinum  , yaanai.
Veroom  pulithaakurin.

9.Though elephant has a  huge body and sharp   tusks,
But it would get scared  of a tiger with enthusiasm.

10.Uramoruvarkku   uLLa  verukkai  akthilaar  ,
Maramakkal aathale veru.

10.Those who are strong are enthusiastic  and those who do not have  that,
Are just like trees , though their appearance differs.

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