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Chithinam cheramai-46th chapter of Thirukkural (Avoiding bad company )

Chithinam cheramai-46th  chapter  of Thirukkural
(Avoiding bad company )

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(After emphasizing the need  for company of greatly learned people THiruvalluvar emphasizes the need to avoid bad company. He says  that like water taking the colour  of the land it stands in,  the company that one moves in  determines the impression he makes on other people.)

1.Chithinam anjum perumai, chirumai thaan  ,
Chuthamaga   choozhnthu vidum.

1.Great people would be sacred  to join with inferior bad people,
But the bad ones would think that  they are their near ones  and join with them.

2,Nilathinpal neer thirinthaththakum  mandharkku  ,
Inathiyalpathakum arivu.

2.Water  assumes the properties  of the land it stands in,
Ansd similarly people will assume the qualities  of people whom they  join.

3.Manathaanaam  mandharkku  unarchi  inathaanaam,
Inaan   yenapadum chol.

3.People get  knowledge    from their mind   but the  opinion,
Of  people  about him  arises  because of the  company that he keeps.

4.Manathulathu poala kaati  oruvarkku,
Inathulathu   aakum arivu.

4,The knowledge  which appears  to arise from the mind,
Would actually  depend  on   the nature of the  company they keep.

5.Manathooymai chei vinai  thooymai irandum,
Inathooymai    thoovaa varum.

5.The purity  of the mind  as well as   the purity of work,
Would  both  depend  on the purity  of the company  he keeps.

6.Manam thooyarkku   yecham   nandru aakum  , inam thooyaarkku  ,
Yillai  nandru  aakkaa  vinai.

6,The purity  of the mind and acts he does of a person,
Are   caused   by the purity  of the  company he keeps.

7.Mana nalam mannuyirkku   aakkam , ina nalam,
Yella  pugazhum    tharum.

7.The health of the mind would  give  wealth  of heaven to them,
But the health of  the company he keeps , gives him all  fame of the world.

8.Mana nalam  thankudayaar aayinum  chandrorkku,
Yina nalam   yemaa pudaithu.

8.Though  naturally  great people  would have  a  pure mind ,
The purity of the company that  they keep , would give them more strength.

9.Mana  nalathin aakum  marumai  , mathakthum,
Ina nalathin yemapudaithu  .

9 .Purity of mind causes   happiness   in  heaven,
And  good company  further   strengthens it.

10.Nallinathin oongum   thunai illai  , theeyinathin ,
Allar padupathoom  yil.

10.A person  does not   a better help than good company  ,
And there is no enmity which causes  sorrow like   the bad company.

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