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Chutham thazhaal-53rd Chapter of Thirukkural - (Hugging those surrounding him.)

Chutham thazhaal-53rd Chapter  of Thirukkural -
(Hugging  those surrounding him.)

Translated   by

 ( THiruvalluvar feels that  we have to  do any act  sharing with and supported  by  friends and relatives like a crow and  then only we will succeed. )

1.Pathraththa  kannum pazhaimai parattuthal,
Chuththathaar kanne  yula.

1.Only relations praise   a person  like earlier , even when
He becomes poor   ,after  he  looses  all wealth .

2.Virupparaa  chutham  iyayin  arupparaa ,
Aakkam palavum  tharum.

2.If a person  has loving   relations  surrounding him,
He  would  be blessed  with more and more prosperity.

3.ALvaLAvilklathaan   vazhkkai  kulavalaa,
Kodindri   neer  nirainthaththu.

3.The life of a person  who does not  move closely  ,
With his relatrives is like  water filled tank without banks.

4.Chuthaththal  chutha  pata ozhukal  chelvathaan,
Ethaththaal  petha  payan.

4 . The life of a person  whose relatives   surround him   and his  living,
Happily  talking with them   is the only use  of his prosperity.

5.Koduthalum inchollum  , aathin adukkiya  ,
Chuthathaal  chutha padum.

5.,If a person can give  the relatives  what they want  and talk ,
Sweet words   to them , he would be continuously  surrounded by many  more relatives.

6.Perum kodayaan  peNAAn   vekuli , avanin ,
Marunkudayaar manilathu   yil.

6.if a person is greatly charitable and does not like anger,
No one would have  many relatives  like   him.

7.Kakkai karavaa karainthunnum , aakkamum,
Anna neerakke  uLa.

7.The crows  would call its species  and  share its food with them,
And only a person like that would be surrounded by prosperity.

8.Pothu nokkaan  vendhan varisayaa   nokkin,
Athu  nokki   vaazhvaar   palar.

8.A king should not give  equal    treatment for all but  it should ,
Depend  on their capability and if he does  like this,
Seeing that  several relations would crowd round him,

9.Thamaraaki  than  thuranthaar  chutham  amaraamai  ,
Karanam   indri varum.

9,Those relations   who left a person for some reason,
Would come back  of their  own accord , once that reason is not there.

10.Uzhaipirinthu  karanathin  vanthaanai   vendhan,
Izhaithirinthu yenni kolal.

10.If a  person leaves the king and later returns   for some reason,
The king  should  peacefully judge his previous acts,
And  accept him only after   deep thought.

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