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Idan arithal-50th chapter of Thirukural- (To find suitable place)

Idan arithal-50th chapter of Thirukural-
(To  find suitable place)

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(After emphasizing  the  need for   knowing our own  strength   and the proper time  , in this chapter  the poet tells us   that you should also choose a proper place. He says a chariot cannot go in water   and a boat cannot go on land.)

1.THodangarkka  yevvinayum   yellarka  muththum,
Idamkanda pin allathu.

1.Do not start    any act   and do not find fault with  the enemies,
Before finding  suitable   place  of fighting .

2.Muran chernths  moimbinavarkkum   aran chernthaal,
AAkkam   palavum    tharum.

2.Even to the king who is stronger  than enemy  ,
It would be better to reach a place where  there is protection against enemies.

3.Aaththaarum aaththi   adupa  idanarinthu  ,
Poththaar   kan poththi  cheyin.

3.If a king finds out   a place   suitable   to his victory ,
And  builds security   for himself  ,  even if he  is,
Weaker than enemy , he  would become strong and  attain victory.

4.Yenniyaar  yennam   yizhappar  , idanarinthu  ,
Thunniyaar   thunni cheyin.

4.If  a king finds a suitable place  to do the act that he has in his mind ,
Stays there  and  does the act properly,
His enemies   would  abandon the idea of   winning over  him.

5.Nedum punalul   vellum   mudalai  adum punalin,
Neengin   athanai  pira.

5.Where water is deep a crocodile will win over others,
But in shallow water , it would be defeated.

6.Kadalodaa  kalval   nedum ther kadalodum,
Naavayum  odaa  nilathu.

6,Huge chariots   raunning in land will not run in water,
And the great ships travelling in water   cannot move in land.

7.Anjaamai  allaal   thunai vendaa   yenjamai  ,
Yenni  idathaal   cheyin.

7.After  thinking well about  the actions  to be done  , if a ruler,
Chooses  a  proper place to do it, and initiates,
Action then except fearlessness  he   does not need any other help.

8.Chirupadayaan chellidam   cherin  , uru padayaan,
OOkam  azhindhu vidum.

8.If the  one  having a small army, if he reaches  the  proper place to fight,
Then even  another  one   with a big army, would lose his initiative and fail.

9.Chirai nalanum  cheerum  ilareninum  maanthar  ,
Urai nilathodu  ottal   arithu.

9.Even if one lacks  proper  forts and other paraphernalia,
Only rarely would enemies   go to their  place and attack them.

10.Kaalazh kalarin  nariyadum  kannanjaa,
Velaal  mukatha kaliru.

10 A big fearless  elephant which can destroy by its tusk   soldiers with spears  ,
If it is  caught  in knee deep slushy  land , it cannot  even fight with a fox.

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