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Kalam arithal-49th chapter of Thirukkural- (knowing the proper time)

Kalam arithal-49th chapter of Thirukkural-
(knowing the proper time)

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(After  telling us  that any act should be done   after clearly understanding our strength , Y=Thiruval;uvar tells us  that doing any job at the proper time  is extremely important. He says   that  like a stork patiently waiting     for the  fish to come before he pecks to catch it, we should also patiently wait  for the proper time.)

1.Pakal vellum kookayai  , kaakai ikal vellum,
Vendharkku  vendum pozhuthu.

1,The crow would easily win over  its enemy  owl  in   the  day  time,
And like that ruler should choose proper time to fight  .

2.Paruvathodatta  ozhukal   thiruvinai ,
Theeramai  aarkkum kayiru.

2.Doing any action    which in the appropriate time,
Is a rope   that  ties our wealth to keep it safe.

3.Aruvinai yenba   ulavo   karuviyaal  ,
Kalam arinthu cheyin.

3.If we do an act with suitable   weapon at   the suitable time,
Are  there  any act which   are difficult to accomplish.

4,Jnalam  karuthinum kaikoodum  kalam,
Karuthi    idathaar  cheyin.

4,If we   one wants  to  rule  the entire world , it is possible,
Provided   if we does the suitable   act  at the  suitable time.

5.Kalam  karuthi  iruppar   kalangaathu,
Janalam  karthupavar.

5.  Those who want to conquer  the entire world ,
Should   wait for the proper time , even if they have suitable weapons.

6,OOkamudayaam  odukkam  poruthakar,
Thakkarkku  perunthakaithu.

6.The waiting of an enthusiastic person    for a suitable time,
Is like  the retreat of a ram  waiting for suitable time to attack another  ram.

7.PoLLena   aange  puram verrar   kalam parthu,
Ulverppar  olliyavar .

7.Wise people  will not show their anger  immediately  on the enemy,
Who does  harm  to them  but keep the anger  inside them,
Till  a   suitable    arises .

8,Cheru narai  kaanin   chumakka  iruvarai,
Kaanin  izhakkam thalai.

8,It is is better   to wait for proper time  bearing the faults of the enemy,
For when the time of destructions comes for him , things will turn topsy-turvy.

9.Yeitharkariyathu  iyainthakkal   annilaye  ,
Cheitharkku ariya    cheyal.

9,When we  get the   very rarely available  proper  and suitable  time,
We should   complete  the rare job at that  time itself.

10.Kokkokka   kombum  paruvathu  , mathathan,
KUthokka    cheertha  idathu.

10. For performing a job, we should wait peacefully  like   a stork,
And when the  proper time comes that job  should  be completed like its peck.

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