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Kelvi-42nd chapter of Thirukural- (Knowledge gathered by hearing)

Kelvi-42nd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Knowledge gathered by hearing)

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(There are  several methods of learning , the major being to learn from books. The other major one  is to learn it  by hearing it. In fact  all the Vedas   were  once only learned  by hearing them.  The great poet says , that  when ypu do not have food for ears   , do give some food to the stomach.)

1.Chelvathu chelvam chevi chelvam  , achelvam,
CHelvaththulk yellam  thalai

1,The  wealth among wealth   is the wealth of knowledge earned by ear,
And that wealth   is the chief.

2.Chevikkunavu yila pozhthathu  , chirithu  ,
Vayithurkkum   yeeya padum.

2.When  food is not there  for ears ,
Some would be given to the stomach.

3,Cheviyunavin kelvi udayar , aviyunavin,
Aandraarodu  oppar  nilathu.

3.Those who  wealth of heard   education  living on earth,
Would be equal to the   Devas  of heaven.

4,Kathilan aayinum  ketka   akthoruvarkku  ,
Orkathin  ooththaam thunai.

4.Though a person  has not read , he should  try to hear them,
That would  be of help to  him like a  walking stick in times of weakness.

5.Izhukkal   udayuzhi  ooththukol  aththe  ,
Ozhukkam  udayaara  vai    chol.

5.The words of great people of  good conduct ,
Would  be like   a walking stick to those who travel in slippery  marshy land.

6.Yenaithanum  nallavai ketka  anaithanum,
Aandra  perumai tharum.
6.However minor it is   hear  good   words as it ,
Would add greatness  to the extent heard by him.

7.Pizhaithunarthum pedaimai   chollar  izhaithunarnthu ,
EEndiya  kelvi yavar.

7.Those who have knowledge  earned after  careful  research,
And the knowledge  got  through ears, even if they have misunderstood,
Would not  tell  words  of  ignorance.

8.Ketpinum kelaa thagayave  kelviyaal,
Thotka   padatha  chevi.

8. The ears of those    who have not heard  words of the learned,
Though they can hear are considered   as deaf.

9.Nunangiya  kelviyar   allaar   vanangiya,
Vaayinar aathal   arithu,

9.Those who  do  not  know  minute knowledge ,
Learnt  by hearing  would not be able to tell words which can be saluted.

10.Cheviyin  chuvai  unaraa vaai   unarvin maakkal,
Aviyinum   vaazhinum  yen.

10 What is   the matter  if the  people who  cannot  understand
The taste of what they hear,but  only know the taste by mouth , live or die.

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