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Kutham kadithal-44th chapter of Thirukural- (Removing wrong acts)

Kutham kadithal-44th chapter of Thirukural-
(Removing wrong acts)

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(Thiruvalluvar   has emphasized the need for us to keep away from wrong acts by the ruler   as well as people. He says Needless miserliness , unnecessary luxuries a nd Joy which is more than needed, are  crimes  when committed  by  the ruler” )

1.Cherukkum chinamum  chirumayum illar  ,
Perukkam   o perumidha  neerthu.

1.The prosperity   of those  not having   pride , anger ,
And base conduct  would further improve.

2.Ivaralam  mapirantha maanamum  manna,
Uvakayum   yetham iraikku.

2.Needless miserliness , unnecessary luxuries,
And Joy which is more than needed, are  crimes  when committed  by  the ruler.

3.THinai thuNayaam kutham   varinum   panai thunayaa,
Kolvar   pazhi naanuvar.

3.Those  who get shamed  by bad name   would  consider,
Even a crime equaling a grain as  big as the  palm tree.

4.Kuthame kaakka   porlaaka  kuthame  ,
Aththam tharoom   pakai.

4.If a person’s  only aim is crime, then,
It would be an enmity  that  would destroy  him.

5.Varu munnar kaavaathaan  vazhkkai  , yerimunnar,
Vaithooru poala kedum.

5.The life of a person who does not protect himself ,
Before doing a crime, would get destroyed like a straw  before a fire.

6.Than kutham neeki  , pirar kutham  kankir pin,
Yen kutham  aagum iraikku.

6.The ruler should first  know   the wrongs he does,
And remove them and  then  try to remove wrong doing of others.

7,Cheyarpal  cheyyathu   ivariyaan  chelvam,
Uyarpalathi  andri kedum.

7,The wealth of a miser  who saves  without  doing ,
Greatly  needed things , would get  destroyed.

8.Paththullam   yennum   ivaranmai  yeththullum,
YeNNA padvathondru  andru.

8,The n miserliness leading   to great attachment  ,
To wealth  is not an ordinary wrong doing but a great one.

9,Viyavarkka  yenjjandrum   thannai nayavarkka,
Nandri payavaa  vinai.

9.Do not get proud  at any time  whatever may be  ,
Your achievements   and never do any  wrong act ,
Which does not do good to any others.

10.Kathal kathal  ariyaamai  , uyarkie pin  ,
Yethila  yethilaar   nool.

10.Those who can keep  their desires not known to others   and then act  ,
Would not be affected  by the trick and cheating of his enemies.

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