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Therinthu thelithal-51st chapter of Thirukkural- (Taking decision after judging suitability of a person.)

Therinthu thelithal-51st chapter  of Thirukkural-
(Taking decision after  judging suitability  of a person.)

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(After   determining our strength, suitable place   and suitable time, the great poet asks y us to judge    the person   whom we are  going to entrust the  job    properly)

1.Aram, porul, inbam , uyiracham nankin,
Thiram therinthu  thera pedum.

1.A person is selected  for a job  only after knowing,
His sense of dharma , his wealth  , his pleasures,
And also   his fear to lose his life.

2.Kudi piranthu   kuththathin neengi  vatupariyum,
NaNudayaan   katte   thelivu.

2.A person should be selected  for a job  only after  proper judging ,
His   family  ,his nature of keeping away   from crime and fear  for bad names.

3.Ariyakathu  aasaththaar  kannum  theriyumkaal,
Inmai   arithe veliru.

3.Among those who  do not  do wrong things   and who   do not have desire,
It   is better  that   they do not have ignorance .

4.GUnam nadi  kuthamum naadi  avaththul,
Mikai nadi   mikka  kolal.

4.After  searching for good qualities as well  as crimes in a person,
Based on whatever   is more   we have to understand him.

5.Perumaikkum  yenai  chirumaikkum  thatham,
Karumame   kattalai kal.

5.The  actions done by a person is the touh stone to understand,
Their  greatness  as well as inferior nature.

6.Aththaarai theruthal   ompuka  , maththavar.
Paththilar naNa  pazhi.

6.Avoid  those   who  roam without any support  as they  are likely  ,
To have no contact with the world and so would not be ashamed to commit a crime.

7.Kadanmai nanthaa   arivariyaar   theruthal,
Pethaimai  yellam tharum.

7.Due to love believing a person   who  does not what  is needed  to know,
 Would lead us to several ignorant   acts.

8.THeeraan piranai  thelinthaan  vazhi murai,
Theeraa   idumbai tharum.

8.Due to those  believing those   who have not been examined  by them,
Apart  from their undersgoing suffering   their progeny also   would suffer .

9. THerarkka   yaarayum  theraathu   thernthapin,
THeruka   therum porul.

9.Do not  believe anybody without proper  analysis,
And after  that entrust   that job  which is proper to him.

10.THeraan thelivum  thelinthaan kan  iyuravum,

Theeraa  idumbai   tharum.

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