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Pochavaamai-54th Chapter of Thirukural- (Not forgetting )

Pochavaamai-54th  Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Not forgetting )

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(THiruvalluar feels the forgetting   due to great joy   would lead   to bad results , in spite  of all other aspects   mentioned before being  positive.  He says those   who forget will  never become famous.  Thus a good manager should develop   good memory.)

1.Irantha  vekuliyin   theethe , chirantha,
Uvakai  makizhiyir chorvu.

1,Great anger  would  lead to very bad   results  to a person,
But  forgetting , due to great joy  creates  much worse  results.

2.Pochappu kollum pugazhai  arivinai,
Nicha  nirappu  kondrangu.

2.Poverty which leads  to  great sorrow would destroy a person’s  intelligence,
And similary forgetfulness  would destroy his fame.

3.Pochapparkillai   pugazhmai  , athu ulagathu  ,
Yeppal noolorkkum   thunivu.

3.Those who are forgetful  never can get fame ,
And this has been emphasized by  all books of the world.

4.Achamudayaarkku aran illai , aangillai,
Pochappudayaarkku  nangu.

4.There is no use   of  protective forts   for those  who are scared,
And like that   there is no use   of  existing prosperity   to those who are  forgetful.

5.Munnura kaavaathu izhukkiyaan  than pizhai,
Pinnooru   irangi vidum,

5.One who forgets   to take  up steps  against impending sorrows ,
Would  later  self pity  when sorrow  indeed   comes.

6.Yizhukkamai  yaar mattum   yendrum vazhukkamai  ,
Vaayin   akthoppathu   yil.

6.If a person is blessed   always with nature of forgetfulness ,
No other good nature   could  be equal  to this.

7.Ariya yendru   aakatha   illai  pochavaak,
Karuviyaal   poththi   cheyin.

7.Ifwe can do any action with proper thought  and with  the  equipment of forgetfulness,
There  would be no jobs   which you have to abandon  thinking  it is difficult.

8,Pugazhnthavai   poththi  cheyal vendum  cheyyathu  ,
Yikazhnthaarkku  yezhumayum   yil.

8.WE have  do a job  which is praised  by learned people ,
And those  who forget  to do it , there is no good even in next seven births.

9.Yikazchiyin kettarai   ulluka thaantham,
Magizchiyin   mainthurum pozhthu.

9.When we get proud during joyous  time  , we should remember ,
All those who got destroyed  due to forgetting their duties due to joy.

10.Ulliyathu yeithal  yelithuman mathumthaan,
Ulliyathu  ulla  perin.

10.Suppose one  clearly remembers  their desired aim,
It would be easy for them to achieve   what they desired.

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