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Kallamai-41st chapter of Thirukural- (Not learning anything)

Kallamai-41st chapter  of Thirukural-
(Not learning  anything)

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(The great  THiruvalluvar   abhors  , the state  of not learing anything. He  compares them to animals   and  the  unproductive  brackish land)

1.Arangindri  vattadi  aththe nirambiya  ,
Noolindri  kotti kolal.

1.A  person  who has not  learnt  anything   attempting  to talk,
In the assembly of learned people  ,
Is  like trying  to play chess without a drawn board.

2.Kallathaan  chol kamuruthal , mulai irandum,
Illathaal pen kaamuthathaththu.

2,.A person  who is ignorant  desiring to lecture  in assembly of wise people,
Is like a girl without two breasts desiring  to become a lady.

3.Kallathavarum  nani nallar  kaththaar mun ,
Sollathirukka perin.

3.If a person who has not learnt  anything  chooses  to be silent  ,
In an  assembly of wise people, he would be considered  as good.

4.Kallathaan otpam  kazhiya  nandrayinum,
Kollaar  arivudayaar.

.4.Though some times a person  who has not learnt  shows  intelligence ,
The people with wisdom  would not recognize him as learned.

5.Kallaa oruvan thakaimai   thalai peithu  ,
Chollaada  chorvu padum.

5.The  greatness  ascribed  to  his own self by a  person who  has not learnt,
Would be destroyed when he talks to wise  people.

6.Ularenum Mathirayar  allal  payavaak,
Kalaranayar   kallathavar.

6.Though  those who have not learnt anything can be considered as  alive,
Like a brackish  land  which is of no use.

7.Nunmaan nuzhaipulam illaan yezhil nalam ,
Man maan  punai pavai  yathu  .

7.The beauty of a person who has not  learnt great books,
Is like that of the  beauty of a doll  made of mud.

8.Nallarkal kan patta  varumayin  innathe  ,
Kallar  kan patta thiru.

8.More sorrow is caused by wealth of a person without learning,
Than the poverty  that exists with learned wise  people.

9.Mer piranthaarayinum  kallathaar  , keezh piranthum,
Kaththaar   anaithilar  paadu.

9.More respect   would be shown  to learned people of lower caste,
Than to the  the people of higher caste who has not learnt anything.

10.Vilangodu makkal anayar ilangu nool  ,
Kathtrhaarodu   yenayavar.

10.The difference between the people who have learnt great books,
And  the persons  who are not learnt anything ,

Is  similar to  the difference between humans and beasts.

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