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OOzh-38th Chapter of Thirukkural - ( Fate)

Section 3  OOzh iyal  of the I book  of  THirukural 

      This section   with one chapter  deals  about  fate  .Possibly Thiruvalluvar thought   that  fate cannot   be either put on the  section of householder  or the ascetic  as it is   common  tpo both.

OOzh-38th Chapter  of Thirukkural -
( Fate)

Translated  by

1.AAkozhaal  thondrum  asavinmai  , kaiporul ,
Pokoozhaal   thondrum   madi.

1.When fate  for  earning  wealth comes, laziness  would go away ,
And when fate  for loss comes  , laziness   would come.

2,Pethai padykkum  izhavoozh  arivaththum  ,
AAkaloozh  utha kadai.

2,When fate for  losing wealth comes  , wisdom would go away,
And when fate  for earning comes , wisdom would  increase.

3,Nunniya  nool pala  karpinum   maththunthan,
Unmai arrive  mikum.

3.Even though   very  sharp books are  learnt  ,
According to fate our  own intelligence  only  would   show up.

4.Yiru veru   ulakathu  iyarkkai   thiruveru  ,
Thelliyar aathalum veru.

4,According to fate  world would consist  of two types  of people,
A group who   are wealthy  and another  who are  wise.

5.Nallavi yellam  theeyavaam , theeyavum ,
Nallavaam   chelvam   cheyarkku,

5,When fate is good   all bad would become good,
And when  it is bad  , all bad  would turn to be good.

6.Pariyinum aakaavaam  paalalla   uythu,
Choriyinum  pokaa  thama

6.When fate is bad  we would lose our wealth even if we suffer  to protect it,
And  when it is good  , even if we throw out  our wealth, they  would not go away.

7.Vakuthaan  vakutha vakayallal  koti ,
THokuthaarkkum   thuithal   arithu.

7.We cannot enjoy wealth  even if  we save them in crores ,
 Unless  fate ordains it that  we can enjoy it.

8.THurapparman thuppura  villar   urarpaala,
Oottaa kazhiyum  yenin.

8. Though there is great wealth, people with  bad fate ,
Cannot enjoy them  and would  go in search of  life of Ascetics.

9.Nandruaangal   nallavaa  kanbavar  , andru aangaal,
Allal  paduvathu   yevan.

9. Why should   those who get happy when they get good fate
Get  unnecessarily  sad when the bad fate  comes.

10.OOzhin  peruvali  yaavula   maththondru,
Choozhinum   thaan munthurum.

19,There is nothing  stronger in the world   than fate,
For when we  try to get over it, it would always be in our front.

   This is the last   chapter  of the first  book  on Dharma of Thirukkural ,It had for different sections. The first  introductory  chapter  dealt with  worship of god, essential nature of rain , superiority  of those  who get detached  and a chapter  which emphasizes Dharma . The  next section with nineteen  chapters  deals with   essential qualities  of the householder   and the next section consisting of twelve chapters  deals with  essential qualities  of an ascetic   and the fourth section  on fate has just one chapter  dealing with good and bad fate .
    The book that follows  is called “The book of wealth  “ and deals with methods  of earning wealth , the  qualities  of those  who should help rule the country   and  the other with duties  of the king, Among the  three  books of  Thirukkural , this is the largest  consisting of 50 chapters,
     I am continuing with my translation  further  with the  blessing of God.

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