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Chengonamai-Fifty fifth chapter of Thirukural- (Not allowing royal staff to bend-Just rule without bias)

Chengonamai-Fifty fifth  chapter of Thirukural-
(Not allowing royal staff to bend-Just rule   without bias)

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(There   are several chapters in this book which are applicable   to only rulers,You can also  take it that  these to mean  the duties of the boss. Thiruvalluvar emphasizes that  the dealing of a ruler towards his citizens (Boss  towards his subordinates) should be unbiased.  He says  that justice of ruler protects  the world and that  justice protects him.)

1.Oarnthu kannodathu   irai purinthu  yaar maatum,
Thernthu cheivakthe   murai.

1,After  carefully judging , showing no favoritism , If we act, 
Without bias   in consultation   with wise  people , then it is just action.

2,Vaanokki vaazhum ulagellam  , mannavan ,
Kol nokki   vaazhum  kudi,

2.While   the world  live  looking for rain,
All citizens  would look at   the justice of the ruler.

3,Anthanar noorkkum  arathirkkum  aadhiyai ,
Ninrathu mannavan   kol.

3.The just action  of the ruler is the basis  of ,
The  great Books  of Brahmins (learned people) as well as Dharma.

4,Kudi thazhee kolochum  manila mannan  ,
Adithazhinirkkum  ulagu.

4.The feet of the ruler of the  country who hugs  with love ,
His subjects,, would be  caught hold for protection  by all the world.

5.IyalpuLi kolochum   mannavan  naatta,
Peyalum  viLayuLum   thokku.

5.In the country ruled by  a ruler according   to Natural justice  ,
The monsoon    and crops  never  fail.

6.Velandru  vendri tharuvathu mannavan ,
Kolathoom   kodathenin.

6.The  spear does not assure  victory   to the ruler  ,
But is the   ruling staff  without any bias which acts.

7,Irai kakkum vaiyakamellam , avanai,
Murai kaakum  muttha cheyin,

7.The ruler   protects the entire world,
And his  just rule   protects   him.

8,YeNpadathaan  oaraa  murai cheyya mannavan,
Than padathaan   thaane  kedum.

8.The king who is difficult to meet  and who takes,
Decisions without proper thought,
Would  reach an inferior state and get destroyed himself.

9.Kudi puram kathombi kutham kadithal,
Vatuvandru vendhan  thozhil.

9.The job of a ruler is protecting his  citizens ,
Not troubling them himself  and punishing  ,
Those who cause  them harm.

10.Kolayir kodiyaarai vendhu oruthal   painkoozh,
KaLai kattathanodu  ner ,

10.The   carrying of death penalty  by the ruler to those who murder,
Is like  picking and destroying of the weeds  by the cultivators  and is not a crime.

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