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Therinthu cheyal vagai-47th chapter of Thirukural- (Performing action after understanding it well)

Therinthu cheyal vagai-47th  chapter  of Thirukural-
(Performing  action   after understanding it  well)

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(THiruvalluvar   puts a very great stress on doing an act only after  lot of thinking and research. He tells that act should be done after  great thought but  once we have   started doing it  , rethinking about  it should not be done.)

1.Azhivathoom  aavathoom   aaki  vazhi payakkum,
OOthiyamum  choozhnthu   cheyal.

1.After understanding what  gets destroyed and what gets created,
And and the benefits because of it , we have attempt to take   action.

2.Therintha inathodu  therntheNNI cheivaarkku,
Arum porul   yathondrum  yil.

2.After discussing with friends whom  he  thinks  has knowledge about it,
And after thinking  over it himself  , if a person  attempts action,
there is nothing  which is impossible  for  him.

3.AAkkam karuthi  mudhal  yizhakkum cheivinai,
OOkkaar arivudayar.

3.Wise people   would not  lose their capital ,
Thinking  that they will get more income from it.

4.THelivilathanai   thodangaar  ilivennum,
Yethappad anjupavar.

4.Those who are   afraid  that a crime of bad name  would come to them,
Would not dare   dare to acts which are  not clear.

5,Vagayaraa  choozhathu   yezhuthal  pagaivarai  ,
Paththi  paduppathu   oar aaru.

5.Starting an action without properly thinking about it,
Is like to grow enemies  in a good land , so that they grow well.

6.Cheithakka   alla  cheyakkedum  cheithakka,
Cheyyamai   yaanum kedum.

6.Bad results would come by doing acts which should  not be done ,
And also   by not doing actions   that  ought to  be done.

7.Yenni  thuniga  karumam,  thunintha pin,
Yennuvam yenpathu yizhukku .

7.Do any act    after proper thinking  and after  deciding to do it  ,
It is a crime   to think and worry about it.

8.AAththin  varunthaa varutham  , palar nindru,
POththinum  pothi  padum.

8.A wrong  act which is not  done by suitable  means  ,
In spite of several people  protecting it, would remain as an error.

9.Nandaraathal ullum   thavaru undavar  avar,
Pan pari thaaththa  kadai.

9.When we do a good act to others, we should understand,
Their  nature  and  then do it, if not we would do mistaken acts.

10.Yellatha  yenni  cheyal  vendum  thammodu,
Kollatha  kollathu   ulagu.

10People would not accept acts  which is not agreeable  to them,
And so though we think an act is good , we should ,
Undertake it  , only if it is not considered as bad  by  the world.

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