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Madi inmai-61st chapter of Thirukural- (Absence of laziness)

Madi inmai-61st chapter of Thirukural-
(Absence of  laziness)

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(THiruvalluvar   says that unless you leave out laziness   you can never progress. He says “of Doing urgent  jobs slowly  , forgetfulness , laziness  and too much of sleep  are the ship of destruction  )

1.Kudi   yennaam  kundraa vilakkam madiyennum,
Maasura  mainthu  kedum.

1.If  the stain of laziness falls  on the undying lamp  of heritage ,
The light will get dimmed  and eventually lamp   would be put out.

2.Madiyai   madiyaa  ozhukal   kudiyai  ,
Kudiyaaka  vendupavar.

2.If   their family   should get   fame of heritage,
They  should try their best to leave out laziness.

3.Madi madi kondozhugum  pedhai   pirantha ,
Kudi madiyum  thanninum  munthu.

3.The family  of the  ignorant one who has laziness   with  him  ,
Would get destroyed  much before  him.

4.Kudi madithu kuthram perugum  madi madinthu,
Maanda  ujnathilavarkku.

4.Those who are drowned  in laziness  and also lack enthusiasm,
Would also be loaded  with the crime of destroying fame  of their family.

5.Nedu neer  maravi  madi thuyil  naankum,
Keduneeraar  kama kkalan.

5. The four characters  of Doing urgent  jobs slowly  , forgetfulness , laziness ,
And too much of sleep  are the ship of destruction  used by  those  who want to be  destroyed.

6.Padiyudayaar  pathamaintha  kannum  , madiyudayaar  ,
MaaN payan   yeithal    arithu.

6.Even if the wealth  of an emperor  ruling  the earth  come and join,
It is rare   to  find a lazy one benefitting    from it.

7.Idi purinthu   yellum chol  ketpar  , madi purinthu  ,
Maanda  uluththilavar .
7.Those who do not  do great acts  due to their liking laziness ,
Would be ready   to hear  the words of criticism from  others.

8.Madimai kudimai  kan thangin   than oththarkku  ,
Adimai puguthi vidum.

8.If  a person    with good heritage   becomes lazy  ,
It would make him    a slave  to his  enemies.

9.Kudiyaanmai   ulvantha   kuththam  oruvan  ,
Madiyaanmai   maaththal  kedum.

9.If a person   avoids the laziness   to which he is a slave ,
It would  remove the crimes in method of ruling   of his  family.

10.Madiyilaa  mannavan  yeithum   adiyalaanthan,
tHaayathellam  orungu.

10. A ruler   who is not lazy can attain all the lands  ,
That was  measured   by God   with his feet.

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