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Kalvi-40th chapter of Thirukural- (Education)

Kalvi-40th chapter  of Thirukural-

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( During those good old days the great poet    felt the education is extremely important   in  getting prosperity .He says  lean well and adopt yourself to that  education  and that only  learned people have two eyes   and I others are having only two wounds in their face.)

1.Karka kasadara  , karpavai  kathapin,
Nirka    atharkku   thaka.

1.Learn everything    well, after  learning   all that you have learnt,
Try to  make  yourself   suited to  what you have learnt.

2.Yennenba  yeenai  , yezhuthenpa  ivvirandum,
Kannaenpa   vaazhum uyirkku.

2.  The  arithmetic  books and books of literature ,
Are  like the two eyes  to the living  people .

3.Kannudayaar  yenpavar  kaththor , Mukathu  irandu,
Punnudayaar   kallathavar.

3.Learned people are  those having  eyes but those,
With two wounds in the face   are  not learned

4.Uvappa  thalai koodi   ulla  pirithal,
Anaithe  pulavar  thozhil.

4.The learned  people are  those  who move with others well ,
And   make them greatly sad   when they leave.

5,Udayaar mun   illaar poal   yekkaththum  kaththaar ,
Kadayare   kallathavar.

5,The poor   with great humility   and with great desire  beg for wealth from rich,
And like that  those  who have not learned   should get  wisdom from learned,

6.THottanaithu oorum  manarkeni , maantharkku,
Kaththanaithu  oorum  arivu.

6,The well  in the sandy places  give  water as per the depth we  dig,
And like  that people    would  get more knowledge   as they  learn.

7.Yaathaanum naadamal  ooraamal  yennoruvan  ,
Chanthunayum  kallatha vaaru.

7.In spite of knowing   that any place  is his own place   for the learned,
Why is it people   do not learn anything till they die.

8.Orumaikan thaan kaththa   kalvi  oruvarkku,
Yezhumayum   yemaa  pudaithu  .

8.The knowledge  that a person earned  in  one life  ,
Would also  be of help him  in  the next seven births also.

9.THam inburuvathu  ulagu inbura kandu  ,
Kamuruvar   katharinthaar  .

9.Since  the knowledge which gives them pleasure also makes  the entire world enjoy,
The  people who have gained knowledge  would  keep on learning.

10,Kedil vizhu chelvam kavi  oruvarkku  ,
Madalla  mathaiyavai  .

10.The only  great wealth that never gets destroyed  is Learning ,
And all  other types of wealth are not great wealth.

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