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Othaadal-59th chapter of Thirukural- (Spying)

Othaadal-59th chapter  of Thirukural-

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(To win over   the enemy or a competitor , there is a need to get information about them. One of the methods is spying. But even in that there  is a dharma. Valluvar   details that Dharma.)

1.Othum urai Chandra noolum  , ivai irandum,
Theththenka  mannavan kan,

1.The king should understand that  spies and   famous books  of Dharma,
Are    his two eyes in understanding everything.

2,Yellarkkum yellam nigazbhavai yrejnandrun,
Vallarithal   vendhan thozhil

2.Understanding quickly what happens to every one  ,
All the time is the  job of the ruler.

3.Oththinaan  I othi porul theriyaa mannavan,
Koththam  kola kidanthathu  yil.

3.A  ruler who does not understand evens happening around  him,
Using spies, would not find  any way to achieve  victory,

4.Vinai cheivaar tham chutham  vendaathaar   yendraangu ,
Anaivarayum   aaraivathu  oththu.

4.A spy  is the one who collects  information  on government servants,
Near  relations of the king as well as the enemies of the country.

5.Kadaa uruvodu kannanjaathu  yaandum,
Ukaamai   vallathe  othu.

5.With an unrecognizable form  and with no fear  about  others noticing them,
A spy moves around without making  other people know his mind.

6.Thuranthaar  padivantharaaki iranthaaraynthu ,
Yen cheyinum   chorvilathu  oththu.

6.Taking the form of a saint and entering  difficult to enter places,
And never revealing himself even if tortured by   enemy  are  the natures of a  great spy.

7.Maraithavai   ketkavaththaki   arinthavai  ,
Iyappadu yillathe   oththu.

7.Hiding and getting information about the act  of others and able to get,
Information from others and   having ability  to analyze them  without  any doubt are the duties of spy.

8.Othoiththi thantha porulayum  maththumor  ,
Oththinaal oththi kolal.

8.The  intelligence brought by hearing  them in hiding by a spy,
Should be compared with  news brought by another spy and then only be accepted.

9.Oththothu unaraamai   aalka  udan moovar ,
Chol thokka   thera  padum.

9.Without a spy finding out another spoy should be sent ,
And if the news brought by three  spies match, then only it should be accepted.

10.Chirappariya oththin kan  cheyyarkka  cheyyin,
Purapaduthaan aakum   marai.

10.With others knowing do not honour a spy,,
If done , it is like king himself giving out information.

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