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All vinayudamai-62nd chapter of Thirukural- (Having perseverance )

All vinayudamai-62nd chapter of Thirukural-
(Having perseverance )

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(In this chapter THiruvalluvar  puts great emphasis on the need of perservarance to complete  any job  and he says perseverance increases one’s prosperity   and its absence   makes you poor.)

1.Arumai udaithendru   asaavaamai   vendum,
Perumai muyarchi   tharum.

1.It is not proper to feel depressed   feeling  that,
“I  cannot complete a job” as perseverance  would lead you to greatness.

2.Vinaikan  vunai kedal  ombal  vinaikurai,
Theernthaarin  theernthandru  ulagu.

2,If a person  leaves a job  without completing it ,
The world would leave him  and   so do not spoil the job by leaving  it in the middle.

3.Thalaanmai   yennum  thagaimai kan  thangiththe  ,
Velanmai   yenum cherukku.

3.The  greatness of the   character of perseverance ,
Is  fixed  in the great   culture  of effort.

4.ThaalaNmai illathaan  veLanmai   pedikai,
VaLaNmai   poala kedum.

4.If a person without perseverance   tries to help   some one,
It would like a coward  who gets scared of an army ,
Taking a sword in his   hand and trying  to rule.

5.Inbam vizhayaan   vinai vizhaivaan   than kelir ,
Thunbam  thudaithoondrum   thoon.

5.The person  who does not  like enjoyment  but  has perseverance,
To finish his job is like a pillar which removes sorrow  and carries the mansion of life.

6.Muyarchi thiruvinayaakum  , muyaththinmai ,
Inmau  puguthi vidum.

6.Perseverance  increases a  person’s wealth,
And its absence, would make him suffer  poverty.

7.MadiyuLaaL maamukadiyenba madiyilaan,
ThaaLuaaL thamarayinaal.

7.Where laziness is there  the black goddess  of misfortune (Jyeshta Devi)  lives,
And with one who is not laziness , Goddess Lakshmi (lady of lotus)  lives.

8.Poriyinmai  yaarkkum pazhiyandru aRivaRinthu,
AAlvinai   inmai pazhi.

8 Even iIf the fate  which gives  rewards according  the amount of effort,
Is not there, it is not a mistake of any one , but not trying,
After   earning   desired knowledge is a mistake  .

9.DEivaththaan  aakaathu   yeninum  muyarchi than,
Mei varutha kkolli  tharum.

9.If the job we  did could not  be  completed  by strength  of fate  ,
We would get sufficient  result commensurate   with our efforts.

10.OOzhayum  uppakkam  kaanpar   ulaivindri  ,
THaazhaathu   ujnaththupavar.

10.Those who do an act  without  losing courage and with sufficient effort,
Could even make fate which tries to stop it show its back.(retreat).

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