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Kodumkonmai-56th Chapter of Thirukural- (Tyrannical rule)

Kodumkonmai-56th Chapter  of Thirukural-
(Tyrannical rule)

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(A   ruler/boss  who troubles his  subjects/subordinates  according to Thiruvalluvar is  worse than a murderer   . The one takes money from citizens/subordinates   is worse than a dacoit)

1.Kolai merkondarir  kodithe alaimerkondu.
Allavai  cheithozhugum  vendhu.

1.The ruler who makes his  subjects suffer by doing unjust acts,
Is  worse  than even murderer.

2.Velodu nindraan   idu yendrathu polum,
KOlodu  nindraan   yiravu.

2. The tyrannical king with a royal staff   who compels  people to  part with their wealth,
Is  like a  a dacoit  with a spear  robbing  wealth from people .

3.Nadorum nadi  murai cheyyaa  mannavan,
Naadorum  naadu   kedum.

3.The king  who does not  daily examine the faults and shortfalls  in his rule,
Would  be daily  losing  his kingdom.

4. Koozhum kudiyum  orungizhakkum  kol kodi.
Choozhathu   cheyyum arasu.

4.The  king who without  consulting  elders   rules in an unjust manner ,
Would loose  together his subjects   as well   as his wealth.

5.Allarpattu  aaththaudhu  azhutha kannerandre,
Chelvathai   theykkum padai.

5.The tears  shed by the  crying subjects   who suffer a tyrannical rule  ,
Is  the weapon that  would destroy the wealth of the ruler.

6.Mannarkku mannuthal  chenginmai  akthindrel,
Mannaavaam   mannar koli.

6.The good name to the king is got from his  just rule,
If that is absent  then his fame  would be unstable and go away.

7.Thuliyinmai  jnalathirkku  yeththathe  vendhan,
Aliyinmai  vaazhum uyirkku.

7.Similar to the sorrow to the world due to absence of rain ,
The absence  of mercy from their ruler gives sorrow to his subjects.

8.Inmayin innathu  udaimai  murai cheyya,
Mannavan  kor keezh padin.

8.If  a person is living  under a tyrannical rule  ,
The evil of a  state of no wealth   to him is better than having wealth.

9.Murai kodi  mannavan  cheyyin  urai kodi  ,
Ollathu  vaanam peyal.

9.If a ruler  rules over his subjects  in an improper manner ,
The rain will fail and clouds would not  produce rain.

10.AApayan kundrum  aruthozhilor   nool marappar ,
Kavalan kaavaan yenin.

10.If a ruler does not rule properly  , the milk of cows would dry,

And  the Brahmins(leraned people)  would forget   the books of dharma.

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