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Periyarai thunai kodal-45th chapter of Thirukkural- (Taking help from great people)

Periyarai thunai  kodal-45th chapter of Thirukkural- 
(Taking help  from great people)

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    (This chapter  deals  wiyth a need for a person or ruler to take help only from great  elderly people, for only they can only protect   and prevent further   sorrows to us.)

1.Aran arinthu  mootha  arivudayaar  kenmai,
THiranarinthu  thernthu kolal.

1.After  examining the tenets of dharma , a person should ,
Seek the friendship of  elders in knowlwdge ,
And behave with them in a manner  suitable to them.

2.Uththa noi neeki  uraamai  murkakkum,
Peththiyaar  peni kolal.

2.You should seek   the friendship of  those   elders  ,
Who can protect you and   who can avoid further   sorrows to you.

3Ariyavaththul   yellam   arithe   periyaarai,
Peni  thamaraa kolal.

3.It would be best   among all  the rare things  that    we can posses,
If we make  elders in learning as ours by proper  service  to them.

4.Thammir  periyaar thamaraa  ozhukuthal,
Vanmayul  yellam thalai.

4.To consider  those who are  elder  to you in learning  as our relations,
And follow   them in their path , is the  greatest among all  strengths.

5.Choozhvaar  kaNNaaka    ozhukalaan  mannavan,
Choozhvaarai  choozhnthu  kolal.

5.Because  those surrounding the ruler  behave like his   eyes<
He should   examine  those  surrounding him properly  before accepting them.

6.THakkaar inathannaai   thaan ozhuga   vallanai,
CHethaar   cheya  kidanthathu   yil.

6.To the one who is surrounded by learned people  and who,
Acts  according to their advice, no enemy can do any harm.

7.Idikkum thunayaarai   aalvaarai  yaare ,
Kedukkum thagaimai yavar

7.How can there be enemies who  can trouble that ruler,
Who rules with the help  of learned  people, who order them compulsorily  .

8.Idipparai   illatha  yemaraa mannan,
Keduppar  ilanum kedum  .

8,That  ruler   who does not have with  learned people,
Who compel him to follow their   opinions,
Even without  any enemy would get  in to trouble himself.

9.Mdhal ilaarkku   oothiyam illai  , madalayaam,
Charpilarkku   illai nilai.

9.Those who do not have capital   will not  get  any  income  ,
And like that those who do not have  leraned people  as help,
The state  of not getting trobled is not there.

10.Pallaar   pagai kolalin   pathadutha   theemaithe  ,
Nallaar   thodarkai  vidal.

10. Losing   the friendship of  one learned  elder  does ten times,
Causes  ten times more harm than  than getting  enmity of innumerable people.

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