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Vali arithal -48th chapter of Thirukkural- (knowing the strength)

Vali arithal -48th  chapter of Thirukkural-
(knowing the strength)

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   (Thiruvalluvar emphasizes the need for   us to judge     the relative strengths of people  or things before deciding to act .He says by stacking feathers , even  the axle of a cart can  be broken,  if the quantity stacked is sufficient.)

1,Vinai valiyum  , than valiyum  maththaan valiyum,
Thunai valiyum   thooki cheyal

1.Act  after judging the strength  of  that job  , our own strength  ,
The strength of the enemies and strength  of those who support us.

2.Olvathu  arivathu  arinthathan  kan thangich,
Chelvaarkku   chellathathu  yil.

2.To those  who can understand  their capability  and what others know about it,
And get engaged in doing a job, no job is impossible.

3.Udaitham vali  ariyaar   ookkathin ookki ,
Idaikkan   rinthaar palar.

2. Many of those  who do not know  their strength  and do an act ,
Due to own enthusiasm  would get destroyed before completing the job.

3.Amaithaan  kozhukaan   alavariyaan  thannai,
Viyanthan  virainthu kedum.

4.Those who do not act according to their natural strength , without ,
Understanding the  extent  of their power,
But  brag  about his strength   would get destroyed with great speed.

5.Peeli pei chakaadum achirum , appandam,
Chala  miguthu peyin.

5.The axle  of a cart  loaded with even feathers can break,
If the amount  of feathers  becomes too too much.

6.Nuni kombar  yerinaar  akthirath  thookin,
Uyirkkiruthi   yaki vidum.

6.If those who have climbed up to the  tip of a tree  try to,
Go further than that  would cause  the end of their life.

7.AAththin alavarinthu  yeega  athuporul,
pOththi  vazhangum   neri.

7.Give to others  after knowing our likely  income,
And that is the only way to protect our assets and live.

8.AAkaaru  alavittithu  aayinum  kedillai  ,
Pokaaru  akalaa kadai.

8.Even if the income is less , if expenditure  ,
Is less   than income, there is no harm in that.

9.Alavarinthu vaazhaathaan vaazhkkai uLapola,
Illaki thondraa  kedum.

9.The life of a person  who does not live as per his income ,
Would initially seem to grow  but afterwards  would get  completely  destroyed.

10.ULavarai  thookatha   oppuravaanmai,
VaLavarai  vallai  kedum.

10.Helping  others without  understanding  the extent of our  income,

Would  speedily    lead to reduction of our wealth.

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