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Vetu vantha cheyyamai-57th chapter of Thirukural- (Not doing scary and harsh acts.)

Vetu vantha cheyyamai-57th chapter of Thirukural-
(Not doing scary  and harsh  acts.)

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(THiruvalluvar emphasizes the need to   deal with  crimes and enemies  in a kind and merciful way.)

1.THakkangu  nadith thalai chella  vaNNathaal,
Othangu  oruppathu  Vendhu.

1.The ruler is the one   who examines  crime done by a person,
And  awards him punishment  commensurate    with the crime.

2.Kadithochi mella   yerika , nedithaakkam  ,
Neengaamai  vendupar.

2.Those who want not to be parted    from wealth for a long time,
Would  angrily  talk of harsher punishment   and  award a lighter  punishment.

3.Veruvanthas cheithozhugum  vengolam  aayin,
Oruvantham   ollai  kedum.

3.If a ruler were a tyrant   who does acts fearsome  to  citizens,
That  one  would meet with his  end  quickly.

4.Iraikadiyan  yenru uraikkum  inna chol  vendhan,
Urai kaduki   ollai kedum.

4.When  the very troubled citizen  using evil words say ,
“That is ruler is cruel” , the life span of that  ruler would  get reduced and he will die.

5.Arum chevvi  innaa mukathaan perum chelvam,
Poi kandu annathu   udaithu.

5.The wealth of a person who is   difficult to meet  and,
Who looks at persons in a hateful manner ,
Would be useless to people like  the one guarded by ghosts.

 6.Kadum chollan   , kannilan   aayin  , nedum chelvam,
Needindri  aange kedum.

6.If a person talks harsh words and  looks  badly at people,
His great wealth will not last long and   would immediately perish.

7.Kadum mozhiyum  kai ikmtha  dandamum  Vendhan,
Adu muran   theykkum aram.

7.Harsh words   and awarding  more punishment  than needed,
Are the saw   that saws   the capacity  of victory of the ruler.

8.Inathaththi yeNNatha  vendhan  chinathaaththi,
Cheerin  chirukam   thiru.

8.A ruler   who does not consult his  helpers and further think,
But   who take recourse   only to his anger   and shouts at others,
The wealth of his   would  over time get reduced.

9. Cheruvantha pozhthir   chirai cheyya   vendhan,
Veru vanthu   veithu   kedum.

9.The ruler  who does not surround his enemy   during  war ,
Would have to retreat   fearing   his enemy .

10.Kallaar  pinikkum  kadumkol  athuvallathu,
Illai  nilakku porai.

10.A tyrant king would take ignorant people for doing a cruel  rule,
And the world will not  have a heavier burden than those.

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