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Sri Pranava Vyakra-pureeswarar Temple, Omaampuliyur, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

Sri Pranava Vyakra-pureeswarar Temple, Omaampuliyur, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu

Elango Kadhirvel

Ø  Omaampuliyur is on the northern bank of river Kollidam (North Cauvery) about 32 km from Chidambaram, and 7 km south of Kaattumannarkoil
Ø  Well connected by bus service to Chennai, Cuddalore, Chidambaram, Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakonam, Thanjavur and other places in Tamil Nadu
Ø  Omaampuliyur is about 260 kilometers from the State Capital city Chennai

Presiding Deities
Ø  Sri Pranava Vyakrapureeswarar (Lord Shiva)
Ø  Goddess Pushpa-lathaambikai (Goddess Parvathi)
Ø  Sri Dakshinamurthi

Ø  The temple is believed to have been built about 1,300 years ago by the Chola Kings and later renovated by the Pallavas

Ø  The temple has a special significance because of the Sri Dakshinamurthi Mahaa-mandapam there
Ø  The deity (Lord Sri Dakshinamurthi) is found seated between Lord Shiva (Sri Pranava Vyakrapureeswarar) and Goddess Parvathi (Goddess Pushpa-lathaambikai)
Ø  This place has a special Guru (Jupiter) importance (Guru-sthalam)
o   There is no Navagraha (9 planets) shrine in the temple
Ø  Lord Dakshinamurthi who, legend says, communicates only silently through mudras, is said to have taught the same verbally for the first time to Goddess Pushpa-lathaambikai at Omaampuliyur

Ø  According to sthala-puranam, Goddess Pushpa-lathaambikai requested Lord Shiva to teach Her Pranava Mantra
o   Lord Shiva obliged assuming the form of Lord Dakshinamurthi here to teach the Goddess
Name Reason
Ø  Goddess Uma learnt Pranava Upadesha in this place and so the name Umapuliyur which later changed as Oma(am)puliyur
Ø  The village also is known as Pranava-puram

Legacy – Lord Subramanya Learnt the Pranava Mantra here as well
Ø  When the Lord (Lord Shiva) was Initiating the Pranava to the Goddess, Lord Subramanya disguised in the form of a beetle and sat on a flower adorning the plait of the Goddess and overhead the Upadesha
Ø  Sage Vyakrapada came to Omaampuliyur and prayed to Lord to grant him "Dance Darshan" in Chidambaram
o   With significance to the visit and prayer of the sage, Lord is named Pranava Vyakrapureeswarar

Quotes/Hymns -  Tamil Hymn by Sri Gnana-Sambandar Swami
மணம் திகழ் திசைகள்எட்டும், ஏழ்இசையும், மலியும் ஆறுஅங்கம், ஐவேள்வி,இணைந்த நால்வேதம், மூன்றுஎரி, இரண்டுபிறப்பு, என ஒருமையால் உணரும்
குணங்களும், அவற்றின் கொள் பொருள் குற்றம் மற்று அவை உற்றதும், எல்லாம்
உணர்ந்தவர் வாழும் ஓமமாம்புலியூர் உடையவர் வடதளிஅதுவே

Transliterated Text
MaNam thigazh thisaikal-yettum, yezh-isaiyum, maliyum Aaru-angam, I-VeLvi,
INaitha naal-vedam, moondru-yeri, iraNdupirappu, yena orumaiyaal uNarum
kuNangalum, avattrin kol poruL kuttram mattru avai uttrathum, yellaam
unarinthavar vaazhum omamaampuliyur udaiyavar vadathaLi aduve

The Devotees living in Omaampuliyur, owing to their focus/Devotion on the LORD Shiva in the temple have a profound understanding of the
§  Eight directions where fragrance prevails
§  Seven Musical Swaraas
§  Six body parts
§  Five sacrifices
§  Four Vedas
§  Three fires
§  Two Births
§  One Mind to know the good and had


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