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Kannottam-Fifty eighth chapter of Thirukural- (Pleasing eye sight filled with mercy )

Kannottam-Fifty eighth  chapter of  Thirukural-
(Pleasing  eye sight  filled with mercy )

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(Thiruvalluvar puts great emphasis   on looking  at others  in a pleasant manner.He says if an eye cannot do that , it is not an eye  but a  wound.)

1.Kannottam   yennum  kazhi perum kaarikai ,
Unmayan   undu   yivvulaku.

!.It is only due to existence  of pleasing  eye sight,
The world continues to exist.

2.Kannottathu ullathu ulagiyal, akthilaar ,
Unmai  nilakku  porai.

2.The  life  in the world keeps on moving  due to pleasing merciful  eye sight,
If it is not there , it would become a great burden.

3.Pan yennum padarkku iyai indrel  kaNyennam,
Kannottam  illatha  kaN.

3,If the music does not  merge with the lyrics of the song,
What is its use and like that  eye is useless   without “ the pleasing  eye sight.”

4,Un poal mukathevan cheyyum  alavinaal,
Kannottam  illatha kaN.

4 .Eyes without  a pleasing  eye sight  , look as if they  are on the face,
Otherwise   there is  no use  of them.

5.Kannirkku anikalam Kannottam , akthindrel,
Punnendru   unara  padum,

5.Pleasing  eye sight  is   the ornament  to the eyes  ,
Without them they are  only wounds.

6.MaNNodu iyaintha  marathanayar  kaNNodu  ,
Iyainthu   kaNNodathavar.

6.Possesing eyes which do not  have pleasing  eye sights  ,
Are like theeyes(nodes)  of the tree  fixed  to the ground.

7.KaNNaootam illavar  kaNNilar ,kaNNudayaar ,
KaNNottam  inmayum yil.

7..Those who  do not have pleasing eye sight   are those who do not have eyes,
Because those having eyes   would have pleasing eye sight.

8.Karumam  chithayaamal  kaNNOda  vallarkku,
Urumai   udaithivvulaku.

8.Those  great ones who are sincere  about their actions,
 And have pleasing eye sights  , own the world.

9.Oruththaaththum paNpinaar kaNNUm kaNNOdi,
Poruthaaththum  paNpe  thalai.

9.The  culture of  having a pleasant eye sight towards ,
Those  who trouble them  and pardoning  their crime is a great quality.

10.PeyakaNdum  nanju uNdu  amayavar , nayathakka ,
Nagareekam  vendupavar .

10.Those who desire  to   have desirable pleasant eye sight  ,
Would even eat poison  when offered by people near to them,
And continue   to be cordial with them.

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