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Idukkan azhiyamai-63rd chapter of Thirukural- (Not getting rattled by misery.)

Idukkan azhiyamai-63rd chapter  of Thirukural-
(Not getting rattled by  misery.)

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(If we are   to be succesfull adversity   should not rattle  us and   we  should   continue our effort.THiruvalluvar says. “Laugh   when you are miserable”)

1.Idukkan varumkal naguga, athanai,
Aduthoorvarvathu akthoppathu    yil.

1.Laugh when you are miserable, for  to face misery,
There is nothing as great as it.

2.Vellathanaya idumbai   arivudayaan,
ULLthin uLLa   kedum.

2.When the  wise man thinks about   the immeasurable  miseries,
That come like    water  they would get destroyed.

3.Idumbaikku idumbai paduppar  . idumaikku ,
Idumbai padathavar.

3.Those who do  not get miserable when faced with misery,
Would make that great misery miserable.

4.Madithavaayellam  pagadannan  uththa,
Idukkan idarpadu   udaithu.

4.A bull pulls the cart  in spite of any difficulties it faces,
And like that if we do work without bothering about misery, misery would get destroyed.

5,Adukki varinum azhivilaan  uththa,
Idukkan   idukkat padum.

5.Faced with a person  who does not get depressed facing ,
Series of difficulties, misery   would become  sad.

6. Athemendru  allar  padupavo   , pethemendru,
Ombuthal thethathavar.

6.Would those who do  say  with happiness  “Oh we have got it”  when prosperity comes,
And   who do not know   how  to preserve it,  will not be sad  , when that  prosperity goes.

7.Ilakkam  udambidumbaikku  yendru  kalakkathai,
Kaiyaaraa kollathaam mel.

7.Wise people knowing that their body is subject to misery,
Would not become sad   when misery comes.

8.Inbam vizhayaan   idumbai iyalpenban,
Thunbam  uruthal  ilan.

8.A person who does  not enjoy when good things come ,
Would say   misery is but natural  and would not become sad.

9.Inbathul inbam   vizhayaathaan  , thunbathul  ,
Thunbm   uruthal ilan.

9. A person  who does want to be pleased  with sweetness  of pleasure,
Would not be sorry seeing the sorrow within misery

10.Innamai inbam yenakolin   aakunthan,
Onnaar vizhayum chirappu.

10.If a person thinks that  misery  is a thing of joy,
Even his enemies would have   great   respect towards him.

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