Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Theist and atheist –Where is God?

Theist   and atheist –Where is God?


One  person  Hari,   who was    good and devout ,
Went to worship   God in a  temple  ,
An atheist  standing  near the gate ,
Jeered it him    and called him a fool

Hari  , with  folded   hands  in salute,
Asked the Athesit, “Sir    what  foolish,
Job have I done  to be called as a fool,
I  was just entering the temple   to worship  the Goddess  there”

The Athesist said , “ You are  going  inside  ,
To worship a  stone , while   there are ,
Plenty of stones    all around here,
And that   is why I called you a fool.”

Hari smiled and replied , “Sir  , do you ,
Salute your mother   and love your wife,
Who are  after all ladies , can you not  worship and love,
 That Beggar woman sitting there  “

Atheist Got angry  , “ what nonsense ,
Are you telling , how can I   salute  or love,
That  yonder  beggar  lady”, but Hari asked,
“Sir  She is also a lady like  those in your home.”

Hari replied  , “stones and stones are there,
But there  is stone inside which is my goddess,
Just like   ladies   and ladies   being everywhere,
There are ladies  in your home  who are mother and wife to you.”

The Atheist Got furious   and with blood boiling  ,
Told, I am going to make    the stone inside the temple,
Wear a garland  of  foot wear   today  , as I still,
Do not understand how a  statue  can be a goddess.”

Hari laughed   and  from a   near by shop   brought ,
A very  big framed  photo  of the Atheist   himself,
And Asked the Atheist, “This is  your  photo,
And I am sure  you will agree that  it is not yourself.”

The Atheist   replied  , “Yes  , definitely  it is not me,”
Then Hari , who readily  had a garland  of foot wear ,
Garlanded   the photo   with that garland.
The Atheist was  furious , “How can you?”

Hari said, “you yourself   told   that it is not you.”
The atheist replied  “But  it represents  me,”
Hari told the Atheist  , Sir this is what  I was telling you,
The statue   inside    to my mind   represents the Goddess.”

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