Saturday, November 26, 2016

Welcome of MIL to DIL

Welcome of MIL to DIL

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(The  idea is not mine but I found it in the face book posting of  Vishwanath Das and I liked it.
MIL –Mother in law, DIL – Daughter in law , FIL-Father in law and SIL –Sister in law)

The new DIL   came and settled down,
The MIL summoned her    and told her.
This home   is run  based  on rules,which is ,
Just like    the ministry  of our country.

Ofcourse   your FIL  is the prime  minister,
He would look   after  the defence  ministry,
AS well   as the  ministry  of Foreign affairs,

I am the   deputy  Prime minister  of this home,
I  look after  Home, finance as well  as Textiles,

My son who is   your husband   is the minister,
Of Labour , transport and domestic affairs,

My daughter  who is your   dear SIL,
Would be   the minister  in charge  ,
Of  Planning, implementation and entertainment,

Hey DIL  please do tell  what would be your choice,
We thought   after   a cabinet meeting  yesterday,
To allot you, food and kitchen, cleaning   and washing,
And  family    and home welfare, Is it OK

The DIL did   not even think for a minute  and told,
I do not want any of these   important portfolios,
But I would be the leader  of the opposition,
Who would forever   find out all your mistakes,
And  be permitted to stage a walk out very often

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