Sunday, November 13, 2016

Stri slimashtakam

Stri slimashtakam


(This is based   on the excellent write up in Tamil by my face book friend Hamsabai  Santhana  Krishnan. I have modified it   in   a prayer like poem  with nyasa   and Phala   sruthi)

Asya  Stri janoragya  maha manthrasya , Swami health ananda   Rishi,
English  poem  chanda  , Manoakarshani  Rathi devi devatha , Sarva deharogyarthe  ,
Jape viniyoga


1,All home makers      want to be slim  like film stars,
But over time   they   put on lots  of weight,
And  when they  themselves  blast themselves  for it,
They excuse themselves    , “after all  I am married , wont I become stout?”


2.Oh homemaker , arrest   the way   you put on weight,,
By not keeping on  tasting   what you cook in the kitchen,
And by  not eating mini  breakfasts   , mini lunches.
Maxi fried snacks , while engaged in cooking

3.Oh home maker  , arrest the way   that you put on weight ,
By  not eating    all the food   that remains after  lunch and dinner,
That too   after  serving  food to all those   whom you love,
And seeing all that remained and feeling  that  food  should not be wasted.

4. Oh home  maker  , arrest the way    that you put on weight ,
By avoiding   the modern gadgets   to lighten    your work,
As far as  possible    and  take out   from the closet ,
Those magical kitchen tools that your grandma left for you

5.Oh home maker  , arrest the way  that you put on weight,
By not   sitting in front of the idiot box  , after  speedily,
Finishing of your morning work and not  taking  a nap,
After  eating  the  very tastety meals  that you , yourselves have cooked.

5.Oh home maker , arrest   the way   that you  put on weight  ,
By taking up non- tiring work  like cleaning   and gardening,
And avoiding    the several  cups of coffee/tea  that you take,
But drinking   soup prepared out  of water used to boil   vegetables.

6. Oh home maker  , arrest   the way that you  put on weight ,
By  always  undergoing    the  normal  physical strains of life,
Like  climbing the stairs , walking   as often as possible,
To the  nearby shops and avoiding  to the best extent   car as well as lift

7.Oh home maker  , arrest   the way   that you put on weight  ,
By either   going   and working   in the office   or  if you are not employed,
By doing yourselves the  manual    works  around the home,
Like washing the cloths , cleaning the floor as well as vessels.

8.Oh home maker  , arrest the way   that you put on weight ,
By avoiding    tastey sweets of chocolates   bought for your kids,
By avoiding    the tickling temptation   for   deep fried food,
And by  eating  needed food   at  fixed   hours of the day.

9,Oh  home maker , arrest the way   that   you put on weight ,
By  making it a habit   of evening  or early night walks,
Along with your husband , for at least  half an hour,
Taking care  that you walk briskly  and actively

Phala Sruthi
If this ashtakam is   read and followed   daily with faith,
In the morning  and evening   of every day ,
You would  get   love   of    your  life long partner,
And get the jealousy   of pretty  ladies  all around your home.

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