Saturday, November 5, 2016

Real love is same both in east and west

Real love is same   both    in east and west


(I read  about  the Indian couple in  the post of my friend Bhanu   Ravi  and ofcourse   the other  is the famous short story  of  O.Henry. Both illustrate  the  real meaning of love.)

Hari  married  Sita ,an extremely pretty girl,
And lead a   rapturous  life with her.
Suddenly one day    without any reason  ,
Sita   due to some  skin problem  started looking progressively  ugly

John   fell in love   with  Mary  in USA ,
They dated   long and  got married ,
But John and Mary   were extremely poor.
And their   first anniversary   soon approached

Hari  suddenly  became blind  and needed,
Some one to take    care  of him every minute,
Sita  who was   very ugly by    that time,
Took care of him    extremely  well.

Poor John had   a wrist watch  but no strap,
Poor Mary had a long hair   but no comb,
And they both decided   to present,
Each other what they lacked.

Times went by   and one day  Sita  became very sick,
And breathed her last in the arms  of Hari,
Last rites  of Sita   were performed by Hari,
And he walked back   without any help.

John did buy a comb so that  Mary,
Could  take care  of hair and make it pretty,
Mary did   buy  a   pretty watch strap,
So that  John    could tie the watch to his wrist.

Some one approached    Hari who was blind,
And offered help  to lead him to his home,
Hari replied, “I can see”  but  I did act as blind,
So that my Sita   would never feel bad  of her ugly face.

When  John took    the  comb to Mary,
And when Mary took the strap to John,
Both were shocked , Mary  had sold   her hair,
To buy the strap and john  had sold his watch to buy a comb.

Real love whether   it is in east  or west ,
Is not  the love for the happiness  of the self,
But  is the  great   desire  to make , their partners,
Happy , sacrificing  ones   every thing.

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