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Yudhishtra and the horseman –Coming of Kali age

Yudhishtra   and the horseman –Coming of Kali age


(I had not   heard  about this story  but read it from the post of my  face book friend  Bhanu Ravi.  I liked it very much  and am putting  it in my own words with acknowledgement to Bhanu Ravi)

Dwapara   age   was about   to end,
One day  Yudhishtra   heard  the news,
That all   his four brothers  were  in custody,
Of a horseman, because  they were,
Not able  to give correct answers  to his questions.

Yudhishtra    the eldest   of the Pandavas  ,
Rushed    to that horse  man and told him,
“I would answer  all your    questions,
Please release    my dear brothers  forth with”

The Horseman agreed  and told  , “One  brother,
For   each write answer”   and asked   him,
“On the way to your palace  I saw a well,
On whose rim   there  was a  coin hanging,
And  a mountain  was hanging  on  the coin,
But I could not see    the coin or mountain falling.”

Yudhishtra   told “It is   the sign of   the Kali age ,
People will do  dharma  equal  to weight of a coin,
And would   also    do sin  equal   to a mountain,
Over time  in that age , effect of Dharma  would get over,
And they would fall in to hell   carrying  the  mountain of sins.”

The horseman told “correct   answer”   and set free  Bhima,
And asked “I saw  one well  surrounded by four wells  on my way ,
When  the outer wells got dried , the centre well gave its   water,
To fill them but when   the centre well  dried the other wells  did not give.”

Yudhishtra   replied  , “Another   sign   of the  Kali age  ,
When children  need wealth   the parents   would struggle,
And give money to them  , but when the parents   need it,
The Children would   not  bother   to give them anything.”

The  horseman this    time released   the great   Arjuna ,
And again asked  , “ While I was   on my   way to here,
I  took rest   for a while  , after  giving rest to  the horse,
And then I saw , a   cow   drinking  milk from a calf.”

Yudhishtra    again replied  ,” Another  sign of  kali age.
The parents    who ought   to nurture   the children,
And bring them up   giving    all that they want ,
Would live on their money   and if needed  sell them.”

The horseman was very happy    and released Nakula,
And then asked  “I saw another   very disturbing sight,
On the way and saw   an animal   which ought   to take food,
By the mouth   was taking it through  the hole for stools.”

Yudhishtra  understood    that the horseman   was indeed ,
Kali ae in human form    and replied.”Dear sir,in your age,
So many such unnatural   things    would happen, The roots of Dharma,
Would be cut off and  evil lie, cheating  , stealing and murder  ,
Would   be done  by people   for sake  of a te,porary benefit.”

The  Kali Purusha     who came   in the form of a  horseman ,
Replied, “Well answered  , Yudhishtra , all these  ,
And more   are bound to happen famines would  increase,
Epidemics  would spread and the root of Dharma  would  be cut off.”

“But my son, you    need not    get worried   about all that,
For  after  seeing you   and understanding     your great wisdom,
I had    decided   that I would not  enter   your country now,
But wait till  you all  brothers   would depart to heaven.”

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