Sunday, November 13, 2016

The pending case of darkness in the court of God

The pending case  of darkness    in the court  of God


(This is based on the writing  of Acharya  Rajaneesh   and was brought to my notice by the posting of   Sri Mani Iyer. Ofcourse I have injected  myself  in to it.)

The God was one day   relaxing  in his world,
Suddenly his world    became   very dark,
God could not understand why  and ,
Some one said, I am Darkness  and ,
I  have   got a great   complaint   to lodge.

God  immediately  lit a lamp   and asked,
Oh welcome my dear    friend  ,
What can I    do for you    as of now,
And Darkness   replied , “wherever I go,
In the entire Universe  the bad Sun  chases me,.”

God   asked   the darkness   to wait in his place ,
And went    to the sun God   and asked   him,
“Why are   you  troubling  darkness like this?”
And the son God replied , “How can  I ever,
Trouble    some one    whom I have not seen?”

God summoned   darkness  to tell her plaint,
But once she came there , she was not there,
But the Sun God insisted , I have great respect to you,
But  unless  I see her and hear her  What can I do?”
And so the case is kept pending  in the court of the God.

The darkness  is the ego   within you   that makes ,
You see   everything around you as dark ,
And the Sun God bright  consciousness of man,
Which  grants him    humility   and wisdom.

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