Sunday, November 27, 2016

You are son of your mother and the husband of your wife

You are  son of your mother   and the husband  of your wife


(A tamil  creation , gave wings to my imagination  and creativity)

To a mother  you were  the end of all her pain   and birth of all  joy ,
And to the wife  you are the birth of joy and partner  in suffering  ,
The world  of mother  is you and only you for all  time to come,
And the world of wife   you  are only  a great  part of her  life.
Your contentment, joyful life and happiness make your mother happy,
And your wife   waits to share  your contentment, joy and happiness,
The mother   is the sculptor   who chisels   you  to   become great,
And  the wife   is happy   with showing you off   as a great  statue ,
You are  the  mother’s world  of joy, happiness   and security ,
And you are also   the wife’s  world  of joy, happiness  and security/

Mother   carried you   in her womb,
Wife carries you  on her neck,
Mother gave  birth to you ,
Wife  adopted  you as  hers,
Mother gave you heart  throbs,
Wife  throbs you   in your  action,
Mother  was   your first cradle,
Wife is your    second cradle,
Mother  is your first God,
Wife is a God equal   to mother,
Mother brings you till the  arena of sports ,
Wife is the one who participates  in that sports,
Mother is  your soul ,
Wife   is your soul and body,
Mother  is yesterday and today,
Wife is today  and tomorrow,
Mother is  creation of  your  World,
Wife is  the upkeep of your world,
Without wife  a great mother   would not be there,
Without mother a great wife   would not be there,
The greatness  of nature  is in creation of woman,
And the greatness of woman  is in motherhood.

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