Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A rich , social man with four wives

A rich , social man with four wives

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(This is based on material  published in Tamil  paper “Malai Malar”  which was  posted  in face book by my friend Bhanu  Ravi. I was charmed  by the philosophy   of the poem. That paper  must have   got it from the web site . )

A rich man with lots of friends ,
As well    as lot   of relations  ,
Had  four   different wives,
He was   very fond  of the fourth,
And loved her more than all,
He loved  a lot  the   third,
But never    showed   that he loved her
He  loved  the second  and went to her
AS and  when he faced problems 
But  did not bother about the first at all

The man  became    very old   and ,
Was   lying  in his death bed to die,
He called    all his   four wives ,
And pitiably   asked   them,
“I am about to go  to other world,
Which of you   would come with me .”

The fourth said, It is simply  not possible,
The third said , I would come   up to cremation ground ,
The second said, I would marry again and go away,
But the first    said  “Wherever you go, I would come “

All of  us human beings  have    these   four wives,
The fourth   is   the body who lives with us,
The third are   all our    friends    and relatives,
The second is our  property    and wealth ,

And the first  is  the soul , who is always  with us.

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