Saturday, November 19, 2016

What all we can download?

What all    we can download?


Ramu    was a young intelligent boy ,
Working in one  top software   firm,
He left to office  at  eight in morning   and   did not,
Return  before  night  eleven o clock.

Malini   was an equally intelligent girl,
Busy    in  a very big    soft ware   firm,
Which was  little far away   from the town,
And so had to leave home   at  five Am,
And used   to return   at night   ten pm.

Their  parents   scoured   heaven  and earth,
For finding a  suitable  match for both,
The horoscope  of Malini  and Ramu matched,
And after   video chat  , whatsapp  message exchanges ,
They decided  to get married and tied the knot.

By the time  Ramu   woke up daily,
Malini would have  gone to office ,
And when both returned at night ,
They slipped off to sleep in a  minute.

After about   a year  , Ramu’s mother,
Was greatly worried that no good news was there,
And approached   an astrologer  to enquire,
When she would  become a   grand mother.

Ramu’s  parents   and Malini’s parents,
Did lot of  poojas  , prayaschithas ,
And went to several    temples,
Though    the good news  did not come.

Time did  pass   very fast   and an expert  doctor,
Using new   techniques  , did make  ,
Ramu and Malini   as proud parents,
And the little one was brought up by,
Mothers on both sides    and   AAyas.

The little one grew up and  after  a  great effort,
Met her parents   who were  always   busy,
In their cell phones, tabs and lap tops,
And asked her mummy , “How   was I born mummy.”

Mummy  too busy to raise   her head    replied,
“May  be some stork   brought you   from somewhere?’
The child not satisfied   google searched,
But did not  get any  reply  she could understand,
And went to  her mother , again after  seeking,
Appointment in the weekend   and asked her Mummy ,
“Mummy   was I born to you   or did you download me from laptop?”

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