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A teacher –the salutable cynosure of all eyes

A teacher –the  salutable   cynosure   of all eyes


(I got the    idea to write about  a teacher   after   reading with tears in eyes a  post by  Meena Rajan  .She is a teacher  and  struggling  to build  up a great school  in a village . Whenever I see her name in face book, I mentally salute her . In one of her posts   she has written :-
“Sweet  good morning to you all.   This school is in finishing stage   but  is lagging behind. I am requesting your help to complete it soon  for the sake of the students.If you are able to help me a little  , it would soon get over. 

SSA Aided Primary School ,Thuluvapushpagiri,
State Bank Of India,
A/C .No. 32417332164
Santhavasal Branch,
CIF NO: 86375817197”)

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A teacher   joined a  village  school to teach ,
The matured  and old  head master  told her,
“You have only two eyes  bur rememember,
Wherever   you are  one thousand   eyes would see  you,.”

He further  told ,”I am not   telling   only in your class,
Or the school premises  , but where you go,
People everywhere    would  watch you,
To know  how   you behave yourself, as you are a teacher.”

No one  employed    in any other  profession,
Would be watched   like   a teacher any where,
For  much more   than qualification,
Is expected   from a teacher  of children.

The teacher used to walk   to my school  by the main road ,
Of  the little  village    and to her   surprise   she saw,
That various  business  people   of shops in the street,
Stood up    and salted   her    with folded   hands,

She felt very odd that  people    who are  old enough,
To be her fathers  and grand fathers,
Were saluting her  with great reverence,
And that young girl  of twenty    started taking another way.

That day evening   one elder   from  those   shops,
Met her  and enquired   why  she altered her path.
The girl   with shyness   told her   thoughts,
And he said , “you are  to  us a  goddess,
Who steers our children  to the future bright”

The greatest challenge   that a  teacher faces,
Is this expectation  from   all people,
And   as a teacher  she dedicates  all her life,
So that   this hope is never broken,
And those   who adore her are not disappointed.

       Once she does , her  school  would  lift.
       Its head   in great pride  for a good job done.

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