Monday, November 7, 2016

Ten tips for husband and wife not to quarrel

Ten tips   for husband and wife   not to quarrel


(I have used  the material posted from the net   posted  by my  friend Balasubramanian Nannilam Ranganathan.  I agree   even hundreds of such tips   cannot help the couple  avoid their quarrels, if they do not love each other and   both are willing to lead  a life   of give and take. But the tragedy is even they quarrel and these  tips would  definitely help them.)

1.In this world   one of the great truths,
Is that  , married   couple  quarrel,
With each other incessantly   ,  and always  ,
Making  life miserable  to both of  them and to their family.

2.When we   try to reason out why , we find,
That  they both came from very different  cultural back grounds,
The maturity   level of  both of them are different ,
And that  no one in the world can agree with another always.

3.They both   do not like   the  same  dishes,
They both do not like their in laws,
They both  do not like  the same activity,
And possibly   are  loudly   expressing  in  angry words,
Their disappointments  in their love expectations  and  tiredness  in office.

4.Some one has   told nine nice tips   to avoid  all these.
He advices both not to get  angry at the same time,
Ad to concede to the other  when  the others voice is loud,
And make the other feel  that he   has really won.

4.Thirdly he says  each to welcome  the other’s criticism,
With love   and affection  and not retort  with another criticism.
Fourthly    he advices  them  not   to drag  the past behavior ,
Of the other   and jeer at the other and hurt him badly.

5.Fiftly he advices each of  the couple   to live  for themselves,
And  not lead   a  false and painful life  for the sake of neighbours and relatives,
Sixthly he   too agrees  that argument  is inevitable,
But he requests us   to postpone it to some  other time every day.

6.Seventhly   he advices us   to say  to each other   some loving word ,
Do some loving gesture like a hug or caressing at least once in a  day,
And eighthly  he  advices  both to acknowledge  their mistake,
And  beg for excuse    from the other   when the mistake  is  realized.

7.Ninthly   He advices of them  to behave   according to circumstance,
And learn to adjust a bit to the other’s view ,  come what may,
And tenthly   he want  each of the couple who quarrel ,

To read   these   advices  once per day  , before starting the quarrel.

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