Sunday, November 27, 2016

ATM daddy is given an AADHAAR (Support) card

ATM  daddy is given   an AADHAAR (Support)  card


(Idea got from what I read in   Whatsapp)

There is upright  gentleman called Ramu,
Who was owning   his own start up,
After marriage  Ramu was  in real  heaven,
With his wife and soon they  got a  son,
The Son grew upo to a little boy ,
And due to  sorrowful fate  Ramu’s wife ,
Departed   to heaven leaving them alone ,
Ramu was around forty and the   was ten year old.
Though well meaning friends   and relations ,
Compelled  Ramu   to  get married   again,
Ramu said   that he did not feel a need,
Because his son , the gift  of his  wife was with him.

Years rolled  by   Ramu’s   son Kittu  got married,
When he was twenty five  and brought home his wife,
Ramu  had  made Kittu    a manager  of his big company,
And life went on  , with KIttu’s wife  managing the house ,
One day  while starting    for his office , Ramu ,
Requested   his daughter  in law  for  some curd to drink,
And she said that  curds  were exhausted  in the house,
Ramu went to office   and when Kittu  was about to depart,
KIttu’s wife   gave him a big bowl of curds,
Kittu    ate it silently  and went to office   as usual,

After a few more days , one day  Kittu told Ramu,
“Appa  , I want you to get   married again,
And have   selected  a suitable nice partner  to you.
Also I have decided   to move   in to a rented  home,
And  work in our  office as   your employee drawing salary”

Ramu did not understand but   obeyed  his son ,
And on the day Kittu along with his   wife was moving I out,
He told Ramu,  “ I did all this , so that  you can get your cup of curd.
You have been   all these  days  my ATM(Anbu Thanthai Maganukku),

And I want  for you   to have  an    AADHAAR, all your life .” 

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