Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My humble salutations to all mothers

My humble salutations   to all mothers


In our country what all jobs does   a home maker(House wife) do?
1.If there are four people in the house they would want to eat   different dishes to each of them ?. Mother cooks and satisfies them all. Is she a cook?

2.How many times mother has washed our mud stained   shirt and made it white? Is she a washerwoman?

3.The scars of the pinch in  my hand  when I did mistakes in mathematics    are still in my hand. Is she a school teacher?

4.Mother’s broom should reach to clean , the courtyard, kitchen  and even  toilet . Is she a  cleaning maid?

5.Several times  Mother’s home cures for head ache , stomach ache  and cold have been cured. Is she a  doctor?

6.When children became feverish, she used  to  wet  our forehead with cloths and when we get wounded , she used   to  clean it up and apply medicine. Is she   a nurse?

7.How many marriages, birthdays, parties  and other  functions Mother has  managed to get it done well? Is she an event manager?

8.Without mother’s intervention and punishment we would have   quarreled  and hurt others incessantly. Is she   a Police?

9. Mother has been by the bed side of many old people   and was praised by them. Is she a geriatric  nurse?

10.Mother used to maintain our garden, look after  our pets  and maintain lot of domestic animals. Is she a orchardist or a dairy woman?

11. Mother    was the life  and soul of my father. He never had to look outside her for happiness. Is she  one who satisfied  all the needs of my father?

   You all know there is no end to the roles   that  she has played  in  each and every home .If we decide to compensate   her    for all the roles that   she daily plays , possibly each of us have to go bankrupt  .

   Recently there was a survey in USA  , where  they estimated   the compensation package  that needs to be given to a normal housewife. They estimated   that every month she has to be given around 11000 dollars. This compensation is equal to that of a judge or a senior marketing executive  in a company. The survey estimated that  a housewife works  about   13 hours per day. Ofcourse  this does not include  her salary  for her role as   a wife.

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