Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Written by affectionate father to his darling son

Written by  affectionate father   to  his darling son

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(I saw the original in Tamil in a whatsapp post  . I do not know  who wrote it.)

Oh son  , the old age home where you
Have admitted me is indeed convenient,
When you left  me there   and went way ,
 I remembered  the olden days   ,
When I left you crying behind my back   ,
After  I admitted you in your school,
Hiding my tears   with great  difficulty,
For the sake of your bright future.

I compare my wanderings here and there 
To locate  a great school for you,
To the amount of efforts  that you put 
To choose  a  first class old age home for me.

For your sending money regularly  but not visiting me,
 I am happy, possibly  it is  due to my not  visiting your hostel,
With  a belief   that I would disturb your studies,

You are   after all spending completely  the experience
That you saved in youth slowly and slowly.
But there is a  difference between you and me,
I taught   you what is life ,
And now you are teaching me ,
That this is   what is meant by relationship

When I read this poem, ,my eyes  become a pond of tears,

Any one who has  affection to his parents must share  this

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