Thursday, November 24, 2016

Father Advises daughter after marriage

Father  Advises daughter after  marriage


(The entire idea  was written by one of my face book friends Sri Halasya Sundaram Iyer  My grateful acknowledgements to him )

Darling daughter , I do need  to advice you ,
Though  it is normal   only for a  mother.
To advice  her daughter  while she leaves her,
I thought   that I too need   to advice you.

I know that  you   have great  admiration r to your father,
About his personality, decision making power and so on,
But dear daughter   never tell  about  it to your husband,
For no male like   another male to be praised by his wife.

Do not expect   your adamant   behavior    to be pardoned,
By your   husband  , till  he understands  your childishness,
As your father’s affection to you was blind   and prevented,
Him  to be angry with you at any    time, as you are his child.

Little arguments   and differences   are bound to arise  between you both,
But    at that time never even by error   say,”I am going to my father’s home,”
And whenever  your opinion  is asked  by your loving  gusband,
Never ever say, “ I will consult my father  before telling you a decision.”

Remember from now onwards   you both only have   to take decisions,
Make your  darling understand that from now on he is  your world,
And make him  sit   on the   throne of your mind   as   your king,
AS this is the only way   that your life  would  be  filled with joy.

Remember that a man’s anger   is really expression of his love ,
And never   show your anger   against him  and please know,
That   the mental adjustment   of your  mother   who is my darling,
Only changed  my short tempered nature and mage me   in to a human being.

To summarise   my little  one , Never sing the praises of your father,
Never ever   compare  him who is your king to your father ,
You  are the  sweet  little  bundle   of your father ,.
And this will  never help you for  from now on your husband is your hero.

Please prove    the  good habits   and culture  ,
That I taught    you this long, as your   great asset,
By  joining   with your husband , loving him ,
And  by establishing  a sweet  and  well meaning   married life.

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