Thursday, November 3, 2016

Old people are “Gods of experience and treasures who love us”

Old people are “Gods of experience and treasures who love us”

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(Based I on writing  posted by  Sri Rajagopal Srinivasan .My thanks to him.)

1.Old age  is the second infancy and,
Only his    family  members can  make it  pleasant,
The senior citizens    are the fruits  of experience,
If  we look after   and protect them properly ,
WE would became mature and  have a meaningful life.

2.Old people  do not  except separate room, AC or TV,
They want   you to love them, express it by words,
When you go out in the morning  bid them farewell,
And when you return back ask them, “how was   the day.”

3.Provide  facilities  to them for meeting   their friends,
Or at least talk to them ,because   by talking ,
To their friends     about   this and that,
They would feel  that they are   not alone.

4.When friends   visit you at   home  ,
Please introduce them to the old  people in home,
So that they will   never , ever feel ,
That  they are safe and a part of your home

4.At any time   , do not make   fun of the old people,
Especially   about   their old    age   problems,
Of hearing problem, poor   memory  and constant repetitions ,
If you do this  , though they are  true, they will   wounded.

5.If the old one    is affected    by diseases   like  ,
Diabetes , heart problem  ,  arthritis etc,
Please purchases the needed  medicines  one week,
IN advance, also give them   needed preventive  medicines.

6you have to give  more   attention  on their  needed,
Exercise and treatment and annually make  it a point,
Do their   health    check up   and to women above fifty,
Regularly get donethyroid test and mammograms , papasmear etc.

7.You have to encourage   old people    to use ,
Modern electronic gadgets so that,
They get a feeling   that  up to date,
With modern   technologies  ,
And keep them fit   and happy.

8.See to it that all old people    are  entrusted,
Responsibilities  like    taking children to school,
Going to near by shop  , minor   jobs  in the kiychen,
Because then they feel   that they  are  part of your home.

9.Give all people   in your home  who does not earn,
Some pocket money , so that  they can go to temples,
Buy sweets to the children , give children presents  ,
And so on so that   their dignity  is never damaged.

10.When you take   important   decisions  in family  ,
Do consult the elders as their experience  would be helpful,
And a request to elders, never interfere in life of youngsters,
As they     may think it is unnecessary  interference.

A request to the you,please show concern ,
On them  who are interested as much as ,
God  in our welfare , and please remember,
They were   the people   who  cared for  you,
Sacrificed their all  , to make  you happy.