Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Auvayar meets Muruga outside a bank

Auvayar  meets  Muruga outside a bank


(I have taken the idea from a whatsapp post as I liked it.My acknowledgements to the original author.)
“Greatly   tired   you look ,Oh Muruga “  said Auvayar,
Replied Muruga , “ Had  lots of notes of   five hundred,
AS well as one thousand  , all old notes  , and so,
I went to change   them in the   great banks  of India,
Some how I could  manage    in that great   crowd,
As I had  twelve hands  as they are  inking  every hand.”

Muruga   continued  , “Oh great   old   woman ,
I have very many doubts  , please do answer them.”

The old woman   with lot of  reluctance   agreed,
For  she too had   gone to change notes  and was confused.

Muruga asked “Please   explain , what is white  and What is black?”
Replied the lady, “Tax paid   is white and  tax not paid is black.”

Muruga   with great curiosity asked , “How much white  and how much black”
The  old woman replied , “White  is as big as a palm   and black  is  the area of the world.”

Muruga further asked, “How much was shot at and now much not?”
The old lady replied  patiently, “ Shots fired  at  money  in Indian homes,
And what   was  not shot at   was the money in Swiss banks?”

Muruga further asked “What was aimed   to be destroyed and what was destroyed?”
The  answer  ready lady said, “Black was aimed at  but cash in all homes  was destroyed.”

Muruga   wanted know,” Do Ambani and Adhani   need blessings of  Goddess  Lakshmi?”
The old lady replied , “Not at all needed  the blessing  of those who rule is sufficient.”

Muruga further wanted to know, “What is omnipresent  just like   my father?”
The old lady smiled   and replied, “AS if you do not know, Black is omnipresent”

Muruga further   wanted   to know, “What are  the three  things needed to live in India?”
Auvayar replied, “Ofcourse   Pancard , Adhar   card   and   debit or credit card.”

Muruga was greatly pleased with the answers   and  wanted to give her a boon.

And Auvayar asked , “A king  gave me a  golden gooseberry  though  I did not need it,

Oh God  bless me so that  , there  is no income tax raid   of my  possessions.”

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