Friday, November 11, 2016

Monkey throws the snake-throw out worries

Monkey throws the snake-throw  out worries

Based on  posting   in Tamil Narayanasany  Krishnaswamy in facebook


Once there   was a  lttle kid monkey,
And  one day  , it caught  hold of a poisonous   snake,
The Snake   was hissing  with  an  open mouth,
All the big monkeys   came   and helplessly watched,
And one by one  went near  the kid monkey   and  told,
Hold   to that  snake   tightly , if you leave  it, you will die,
All his monkey friends and relatives went away
The kid monkey held   to the snake more tightly ,
Lots of time   passed and the monkey became  very weak,
And at that time a great Guru came there,
And Immediately understood the  problem of  the kid monkey,
And he went near  it and told   strictly   to leave the  dead snake ,
Though  The kid monkey was  scared  it left its hold,
And  nothing happened  as the snake   was really dead,
The Guru told, Now go and play and never catch another    snake.

The Guru   then told   all the  curious people   who had assembled,
“The  snake  is like  , the mental worry which troubles  all of you  ,
And  you are  holding   it for long and crying , without knowing  that it is dead 
Throw    it away and  get  rid  of all   your worries.”

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