Friday, November 4, 2016

Cutnocutmania-Can it be cured?

Cutnocutmania-Can it be cured?

Translated from Malayalam

(All wives want to investigate   the thought process of their husband-This is done by series  of questions.Most of the husbands manage it by saying   either no or yes for answer repeatedly  .Possibly after   some time they would know only   two words-yes and no. I got the original material from Whatsapp. There is every possibility that  the malyalam bit was   translated from English.)

Wife –Darling shall  I cut my hair?
Husband –Ofcourse  by  all means
Wife -You know how muxh trouble  I took to groe it like this?
Husband-Then do not cut
Wife- My friends say  a short hair suits  me netter
Husband- Then please cut
Wife Darling with cut hair  , I cannot  braid the hair
Huband- Then do not cut
Wife-Darling I am thinking  of experimenting
Husband-Then you can cut
Wife-But suppose  it turns ugly
Husband-Then do not cut
Wife-But short hair is fashion now
Husbabd- Then you can cut
Wife-When shall we go?
Husband-you can cut
Wife-I was telling about going to my mother’s home.
Husband-Then you can cut

         Poor husband was taken to a psychyarist  , who diagnosed  his disease  is cutnocut mania  and suggested   complete   shaving   hair of the wife as treatment

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