Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The guru teaches the beggar about his great assets.

The  guru teaches  the beggar   about  his great assets.


(This is based on the write up of my scholarly friend   sri Vasudevan  Srinivas  in face book. I thought  expressed this way  it would be slightly better)

There was   a great Guru   , who once  told,
“Be grateful to the God    for all that he gives”
A beggar   from the crowd stood up  and asked,
But that  God   has not   given  any thing   to me.

The Guru called   The Beggar  near to him   and asked,
“Suppose  I were   to give   you  two lakh rupees ,
Not in the  old five hundred  or thousand rupee notes,
With some conditions  , would  you be happy my friend?”

The Beggar   nodded  his  head in very great joy  and told,
“Sor, you   are much greater  than that God ,
Who has  not even   given me   anything  at all,
Please give me  the money and I would  obey your conditions.”

The Guru laughed and told  one of his   followers,
“Give him two lakhs in new two thousand notes,
But before you give  , take   away  both his eyes.”
The beggar was shocked   and agitated  and said.

“How come , they have been given by God to me  ,
And how can I give them to you  for your silly rupees.”
The Guru again laughed  and replied, You just told me,
He has not given anything  to you at all .”

The beggar  replied , “No sir now I realize,
I Can see, hear  , speak , smell and touch,
Only because of him  and what  is  after all,
Two lakh  rupees   before all of them.

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